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Australian Gov Documents: Vaccine is a Poison Distributed by UN Chief of Biological Weapons

Bit of a brutal video. Download and share everywhere. Mirror it and upload to other platforms. Not just Bitchute. EVERYWHERE!

People arent seeming to get the point of this video. I am scrolling through the poisons lists, but pay attention to the change in the 2016 poison licence and the newly introduced scheduling system, thats the whole point.

The documents are below. Stop bitching about what I was looking at at the time and look for yourself, it was a live stream recorded.

And not only that, it IS a poison. Their words, not mine. Its up to you what you think about it, the fact is, they changed the schedules that you can find online, the original licence for military to issue poisons by military (WTF by the way) runs from the 2016 Law and a NEW poison distribution list was issued AFTER the original military poison distribution licence was given (poisons changed in February 2020).

In a nutshell, its a rolling contract from an older system for the government via military to inject the public with a poison that was put into place and distributed by the UN Chief of Biological Weapons.

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