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Australian Governments Are NOT Governments, but a Parasitic Transnational Corporatocracy!

Our Australian Federal Government is not our government — it only governs on behalf of an unelected Transnational Corporatocracy (rule by corporate interests) that has parasitised our parliament.

By Stephen Reason | Mar 30, 2023

The parasite must consume, sustain and fractal-replicate itself by way of deception — lest the unwitting host recognises its insidious presence and takes decisive measures to sever its crippling influence.

Our parliament is entirely owned, and the Corporatocratic owners are clandestinely acting to impose their desired business model (Techno-Feudalism) upon their “Australian” business.

Thus, Albanese is not our Prime Minister, he is merely the selected regional prime-implementor of a business agenda he must ratify by deception on behalf of the Corporatocracy. Hence, all radical actions and proposals currently advanced by such a compromised parliament, and presented by Albanese, are being made to covertly advance a Techno-Feudalism in which the Corporatocracy can irreversibly reduce every citizen to digitally-yoked serfs.

Their “virtuous concern” for the Aboriginal (as presented by the proposal of a ‘Voice to Parliament’) truly only concerns their potential to exploit our First Nations Peoples for their exclusive benefit.

Basically, a “white government” would be using a “blak facade” to advance a Globalist “Reset” agenda to appropriate land out of the hands of current “white” ownership and back to the “Indigenous” — but, truly, right into the taloned-claws of the Globalists.

It will probably start with the “appropriation” of vast swaths of soon-to-be “sacred” and “repatriated” farmland.

This is a key part of their plan: You will own nothing, and THEY will be happy.

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