Australian National Action Plan Health Security 2019-2023 - aka Slavery$File/Aust-Nat-Action-Plan-Health-Security-2019-2023.pdf

This plan was reportedly actioned in 2016/2017 by the WHO.

It appears it involves all state premiers in Australia being informed that the Public Health Dept will be planning to vaccinate 95% of the Australian population, gather up all our DNA and hook us all up to a Biometric Digital ID Pass System. With all that personal data to be handed over to the WHO.

It was signed off in 2018. It’s set for completion in 2023.

It’s part of the IHR agreement that was signed in 2005 that activated the “pan-corona” measures.$File/Aust-Nat-Action-Plan-Health-Security-2019-2023.pdf

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