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Australians Are ‘Freezing Ourselves’ To Fight Global Warming

Sky News host Chris Kenny says Australia’s increased energy costs are forcing citizens to freeze as part of the government’s quest to “fight global warming.”

“We are an energy-rich nation, endowed with enormous fossil fuel resources, enough to make us the largest exporter of coal and gas in the world, yet we choose, make no mistake, it is not fate, it is our choice, we choose to make ourselves energy poor,” he said.

Mr. Kenny said this has led Australians to suffer energy shortages in the face of “severe cold, not severe heat”, and there is enough to heat the nation.

“Cheap, reliable energy is the very foundation of our economy, the very foundation of our prosperity, our health, education, innovation, and all the rest depend on it,” he said. “Pretending that natural disasters are already getting worse, well, that is alarmist and deceptive speculation.”

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