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Wife (former cop) & Husband (retired Sergent) were both cops working child death cases. Since they are no longer cops, they feel a little bit safer to Tell The Truth.

Many children die within hours to about 1 week just after their 2, 4, and/or 6 month old childhood vaccines. All of the deaths are labeled as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

The one question not allowed on the Police Report and the Coroner's Death Report is if the child was recently vaccinated, which they always are. Not all children that get jabbed die immediately of SIDS, but all SIDS deaths are caused by childhood vaccines.

We know what is killing all the babies, but Law Enforcement is forced to cover-up all of their deaths.

There is a "GLOBAL" DEPOPULATION/MASS GENOCIDE in progress right now.

Adults that die from the Covid-19 Depop Jab & Flu Shots are labeded as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS). Their cause of death is well known too, but is never listed as the cause of death on their death certificates.

Wake Up People!

If you are not a 100% ANTI-VAXXER by now, you are still Unconscious & Braindead, and there is not enough time remaining for you to Wake Up!!!

The Covid mRNA Injection is the Mark of the Beast (MOTB). First of all, the injection (not a vaccine) changes your DNA using CRISPR Technology and turning the jabbed people into a patented Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) known as a BORG (aka Homoborgenisus).

The injection also puts LUCIFERase in their body so that it glows under a blue/black/purple light for easy identification. Lastly, through the process known as TRANSHUMANISM, they put graphene oxide inside the jab (aka nanotechnology), when exposed to electrical frequencies, assembles into transmitters and creates a Bluetooth Address in the vaxxed people.

They can then be tracked, their data can be uploaded into & downloaded from the cloud within the Internet of Bodies and the Internet of Things, and this system is capable of allowing or disallowing them to participate in the New World Order commerce using digital currencies.

Even after death, when electrical frequencies from a cell phone gets near the corpse, the dead body will still produce a Bluetooth Address for Connection. Unknown MAC Addresses are coming from the people that took the MOTB and are now Borgs.


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