Banned On YouTube: How Vaccines Are Harming Our Children

A new video that was banned on YouTube shows how vaccines of all stripes aren’t the panacea people think they are. Indeed, we’re actually doing more harm than good to our children with all these inoculations.

In fact, no study has ever shown that unvaccinated children were the epicenter of an epidemic.

One pediatrician, Dr. Larry, says the children he’s seen over the past 20 years who opt out of vaccinations are the healthiest children he’s ever examined.

As more and more parents awaken to the harm that vaccines cause, and choose to skip them, may explain why we’re seeing such pressure to mandate vaccines.

All this began when a parent asked Dr. Larry if he knew what the ingredients were in all those vaccines we give our children (and there are a lot). In 1962, the average child got 5 vaccine doses. By 2019, that number jumped to 72!

He admitted that he didn’t and set upon a course to find out what they’re really made from. He discovered they contained toxic ingredients that no one in their right mind would ever inject into their bodies.

Dr. Larry discusses how he started hearing stories from thousands of parents who took their healthy child to the doctor for vaccination only to end up with an unhealthier one.

These problems range from speech problems to asthma to allergies to autism to seizures to even death. And every one of those parents was told it had nothing to do with vaccines.

While the video is from 2020, it is still accurate, even more so in the age of Covid and forced vaccinations of our children.