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Before and After of Electroculture 🌱

When it comes to 2023 gardening we can have it all. With the use of electroculture and biodynamic practices we can have ABUNDANCE.

Here is a 90 second video on Alisa’s garden in Washington State going wild from Electroculture⚡️

A simple Atmospheric Antenna to add to your indoor or outdoor garden 🌱

When using electroculture there is no need for the use of pesticides, manure, or fertilizers. This is primarily why this information was suppressed. All you need is the sun, the clouds, the rain, the nitrogen in the air, and the ability to harness atmospheric energy. These atmospheric antennas can be created from materials such as wood, copper, zinc, and brass. When adding these atmospheric antennas to your garden, soil, or farm they will amplify your yields, combat frost and excessive heat, reduce irrigation, reduce pests, and increase the magnetism of your soil leading to more nutrients in the long run.

🌱How tall should the electroculture antenna be?

You can make your atmospheric antennas as tall as you like. The taller you go the higher your plants will grow!

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