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Bet UR legally trained politicians didn't tell U this🤔

From Lawyers of Light

I'm repeating this merely for those at the back that missed it, or 4 some reason do not believe it.

I have told U all time & time again on this channel, after being a lawyer for almost 25 yrs, whose specialisms are succession law, land law & equity & trusts, that NO1 aside from those at the top owns land.

Attached is black & white proof of this from my trainee lawyers current book on land law, that she has to study before taking her finals.

This system of estates in land developed from the feudal system.The feudal system never went away, it just evolved.

Those that actually OWN the land will have a superior ranking title likely Allodial, & hence a superior claim.

We are all just feudal tenants paying 4 an estate. We pay our tithe to the mortgage provider rather than the land owner - maybe they are 1 & the same at some level.


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