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Bill Gates' Chef Says Billionaire 'Refused To Feed His Family Fake Meat'

Bill Gates’ long-term personal chef has blown the whistle on what his former employer put on the table for his own family and guess what – there was not a plant-based fake meat burger or synthetic lab-grown steak in sight.

Nor was there a cricket, insect, mealworm anywhere near the Gates family dinner table at his Medina, Washington palace dubbed Xanadu 2.

While Gates was pushing his toxic lab-grown and plant-based ultra-processed products on consumers, his own family was strictly banned from chowing down on these Frankenfoods and his own dinner table was laden with organic and grass-fed lean beef, salmon, and other natural products which Gates has vowed to price out of reach for ordinary consumers in favor of insects, bugs and lab-grown beef.

The shameless hypocrisy is enough to make you choke on your WEF-approved crickets but it gets even worse when you learn what the latest studies say about Gates’ products and exactly how evil are.


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