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Bill Gates - The banned video

For years this revealing short documentary about Bill Gates was removed from the internet, nowhere to be found. Censorship seemed to have destroyed it entirely... until it suddenly resurfaced in 2021! Immediately it went viral and is now present on all the free speech platforms.

Currently the Australian PM is meeting with Bill Gates (in Kirribilli House) and he has been responsible for the deaths and illnesses of millions of people globally. This has been through the false advertising of pharmaceutical products and through unethical clinical trials in India and Africa. Unless you stand up Gates will continue this destruction through Australian public health policies that have already been passed. These policies allow an “authorised person” to enter your home without a warrant and to remove you or your property and your right to choose drugs/ vaccines - even when you are healthy. These laws have already been passed in WA, and maybe Qld and Vic.

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