Billions Of People May Be Infected With Nanoworms Via Masks And PCR Tests… Here’s What Can Be Done!!

Billions of people could now be effected with Morgellons aka nanoworms, via pcr tests, masks and mystery needle, and remember the chemtrails have been spraying us with nanoworms now for over two decades. To date, the public does not know if they pass from human-to-human via normal bodily functions. Billions of masks, pcr tests, and mystery needles are produced, and no one for sure knows what’s in any of it, and there is no transparent quality control!!

Nanoworms… detox protocols towards alkalinity would likely have some effect, but what are we dealing with here? As we watch numerous videos from people posting them all over the world, there are a few observations:

  1. The nanoworms appear to be ‘activated’ by heat and moisture.

  2. The nanoworms appear to be dormant when they are not activated.

  3. The nanoworms appear to be of several lengths, and not all one standard size.

  4. The nanoworms exhibit natural movement, and are not simply moving in the wind, or via magnetic reaction.

  5. The nanoworms appear to have the ability to gather amongst themselves, and form a larger ‘creature’, sometimes even seeing with claws.

  6. We observe graphite is a common material that comes up when you search ‘nano particles’.

  7. We acknowledge that it’s well known that metal explodes in a microwave.

  8. We observe the ugly plans by which many large cities of the world, will ‘turn on’ their 5G systems, which are microwaves.

  9. We come to the reasonable conclusion that the nanoworms are put in the chemtrails, pcr tests, and masks, and could be in a host of other products.

  10. We come to the reasonable conclusion that the 5G system mixed with heavy metals and nanoparticles in our body and brains could result in constant 24/7 explosions in our brains and bodies, which would continue to bombard our health until it creates holes in our brains from the explosions…. a zombie-like situation, towards death.

  11. We acknowledge that dark hats have created zombie apocalypse-type scenarios and have already trained for them.


So we are not dealing with something completely new here, in terms of the nanoworms, since people have been claiming for years that the chemtrails do have nanoworms in their formulas, and have been documenting proof, and I have my own knowledge base to draw from; people have tried many things already over the past few decades… here is what seems to have greater effect.

  1. Electricity: This is probably the strongest ally, since we’re not dealing with a regular life form. If it’s ‘part non-biological’, why not zap it with a certain currents that disrupt it’s bodily functions.

  2. Alfalfa: For some reason alfalfa does appear to have an effect, but reasons are not fully known.

  3. Alkalinity: Apparently the nanoworms do not like an alkaline environment.

  4. High frequency: The higher you vibe, the higher you vibe away from disease, illnesses and such.

  5. Clean your blood: I like using clay to clean my blood, and I’m pretty sure it would work wonders here.

  6. Herbs: People are reporting some success with herbs. If I were to go this route, I would initially start with cloves, cinnamon, allspice… spices that help with worm detox, but know we are not dealing with normal worms… still, there could be some effect.

There would likely be other solutions… if I were you and truly were concerned with this issue… I’d incorporate all the above, with #1 probably being most effective. Electrical blood stimulation for health, is easy, cheap, and effective to condition the blood. Simple devices can be purchased, that do this without great fanfare.


1. Is this an issue of me? I don’t feel like it is.

If the nanoworm are in the pcr tests and masks and perhaps even in the mystery needle itself… you do realize that this could be billions of people infected… and possibly even, shedding!! The children in the schools… how many use those mass-produced masks, maybe even going through several a day!!? I hope you’re not going to have these realizations of how bad it is, and not do anything… this information can save lives… through our efforts. I hope you’re not going to go through a genocide and not even bother saving the children… I’m speaking to you… this is a game changer, our lives will never be the same, if things progress much further. Already the children have been in clear and present danger and are even deprived now of oxygen… which isn’t helping anything, but only making everything worse!

2. If billions could have nanoworms and are shedding, and the nanoworms are coming from the sky, what can I possibly do, to make a difference?

How about be a success story, and share the above list… how about share this entire article. What’s at stake? The shame of being wrong, for the death of the ego?

People aren’t going to listen… these theories are too way out there?

That’s not the point…. the point is to share truth. Truth is love. To at least offer help, is where love can be. It is not your problem if people choose to discard the nanoworm conspiracy… it’s been raining down up us for decades… isn’t that long enough to not acknowledge what is everywhere?

What’s the big deal… if I have the nanoworms, and I”m fine now, then who cares?

No, you don’t understand…. these worms become highly active under microwaves… imagine bits of metal in a microwave oven. Now imagine tiny bits of metal lodge throughout your body and brain, now reacting like the metal in a microwave oven, with 5G frequencies. I’ve wrote previously how I believe this SET UP will create ZOMBIES! Military already had their training exercises, so don’t for one nanosec, think this isn’t a likely scenario… WHAT ELSE COULD HAPPEN IF METAL BITS ARE EXPLODING IN OUR BODIES AND BRAINS?