BOOM! Vaccine Mafia Emails Exposed!

More and new information is coming to light over recently released FOI emails from the Province of British Columbia (B.C.) government. Amazing Polly went through them and they detail how Dr. Bonnie Henry, the Provincial Health Officer, knew about vaccine-related injuries and deaths in B.C. as early as June 2021.

Polly notes that three things immediately popped out to her:

1. The people involved in B.C.’s ministry of health are “protecting the vaccine products and not the people receiving them.”

2. There are a lot of conflicts of interest between health officials and the entities they ostensibly oversee with payments, awards, etc.

3. How the government manipulates information to keep the public in the dark about health products.

Polly lists the 16 ways the ‘health authorities’ defend pharmaceutical products over consumers. These points are based on the aforementioned FOI emails from the B.C.’s ministry of health.

These include delaying the reporting of adverse events while coordinating responses across all sectors, allowing authorities to manipulate statistics and avoid issues its citizens may have.

Worse, they use the media to repeat their talking points to frighten, spin, encourage conformity, and smear detractors. They even use weaknesses in their systems to their advantage and to confuse consumers.

From leveraging relationships with medical oversight bodies to disciplining members who speak out, these Mafia-like emails show how the government regularly uses censorship, browbeating, manipulation, and peer pressure to push the government’s narrative. It’s enough to make even Tony Soprano blush. WATCH: