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BREAKING: Russian Foreign Intelligence Service declares that the USA is planning to remove Zelensky and replace him with another puppet who will continue the war "until the very last Ukrainian".

The Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation has information that the West is extremely concerned about the dynamics of public sentiment in Ukraine.

The US State Department and the European External Action Service state that there is growing dissatisfaction among Ukrainian citizens with the endless prolongation of the conflict with Russia.

Distrust in government institutions is growing and apathy is spreading rapidly. In the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the number of cases of desertion and voluntary surrender is increasing.

Zelensky is clearly beginning to lose the fight for the “minds and hearts” of the people of Ukraine, especially since his legitimacy as president after the expiration of his five-year term of office on May 20 of this year. is completely lost.

Americans and Europeans would like Zelensky to remain for now, since he is tied to war financing schemes that bring enormous profits to both representatives of the Kiev regime and Western arms manufacturers.

At the same time, the Americans have intensified efforts to find an alternative to the current Ukrainian president.

It is assumed that these figures may be in demand in the event of a sharp deterioration in the situation at the front and the need for an urgent change of leader. Then it will be possible, by attributing all the failures to Zelensky, and choose one of them. The main thing is to prevent a critical increase in Ukrainians’ disappointment with the failures of pro-Western policies.

The US administration, in fact, is not even trying to hide the fact that, in general, they do not care who exactly will lead Ukraine. The main thing is that he is able to continue the armed conflict with Russia. “The war until the last Ukrainian” must not stop.

Press Bureau of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service



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