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BREAKING: Zelensky reportedly buys $20 Million Dollar Mansion in Vero Beach, Florida.

Zelensky came to DC this week to tell Americans that we needed to allow our own infrastructure to crumble, our roads and bridges to disintegrate, and to drain our pensions in order to give every available dollar to support the war in Ukraine to defeat Putin.

Secretary Lloyd Austin said that if America does not send the funding Ukraine needs, that he would instead send our sons and family members to fight and die for Ukraine.

So far, America has given over $80 BILLION dollars to Ukraine, with over 70% of that funding being completely unaccounted for- it’s gone, nobody knows where it is.

Zelensky has sent Ukrainians to the slaughter and drained the U.S. Treasury dry with no intention of even staying in Ukraine and standing with his people- instead, he plans to flee and retire to beautiful beaches of Florida, where he has reportedly purchased a luxurious $20 million dollar mansion.

While Americans are dealing with record inflation and extreme poverty, our leaders are buying mansions for elite leaches who facilitate their money laundering operations and crimes against the American people.

These are some photos we were sent of Zelensky’s recent purchase.


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