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Brighteon Broadcast News, Feb 9, 2022 - Mike Adams and Michael Yon join The Duran live broadcast for deep analysis of Texas, secession and CIVIL WAR

- Current events in Texas with guests from Brighteon. (0:03)

- Texas-Mexico border situation and US government's response. (3:04)

- Weaponized migration and demographic warfare. (4:58)

- US border security and immigration. (9:27)

- US government's handling of immigration and security concerns. (19:44)

- Immigration, border security, and state rights. (22:08)

- US civil war, immigration, and global elites. (27:13)

- Immigration and border control in the US. (31:50)

- US politics, Biden's presidency, and potential breakup of the country. (36:35)

- Immigration, crime, and politics in the US and Latin America. (46:37)

- US politics, immigration, and war. (52:22)

- Biden's mishandling of classified documents and US Senate's bill for Ukraine and Israel. (1:03:06)

- US dollar dominance and its implications. (1:11:51)

- Putin's interview and health products. (1:16:40)


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