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Busted: CDC Removes/Reclassifies 52,000 Death Records, Obfuscating Vax Carnage

According to efforts by online sleuths, after a so-called ‘system upgrade’, the CDC was caught red-handed removing nearly 52,000 death records, re-inserting 22,000 of them, of which 6,500 were given a new code. If you’re asking what’s the big deal, we’ll explain.

From July 6 to July 13, the CDC resolved 21,710 removed records back into the database. 30,200 removed records still remain to be put back in.

The problem is, that 6,571 of these recovered records changed ICD-10 codes (International Classification of Diseases version 10). 30.3% of recovered records have been given a new ICD-10 UCoD (Underlying Cause of Death).

This is a reclassification effort, not a workload issue. The death records that the CDC’s MMWR ‘system upgrade’ just happen to filter out are principally from death categories that have been tracked since Week 14 of 2021 (accelerating in 2022).

After online users caught the signal, they then caught the CDC fudging records to eliminate the evidence. Then it really gets bad. WATCH:

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