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CALL TO ACTION - Say NO To Forced Coronavirus Vaccine

Why sign this petition?

Sign a Stand for Health Freedom petition to hold elected officials at every level of government accountable for the preservation of health freedom. By signing, you are joining our mission to uphold basic human rights, constitutional rights and parental rights — and strengthening a rapidly growing voting bloc of more than 100,000 advocates who stand stronger together. As relevant legislation arises at the federal level or that affects your state, we will send you urgent opportunities to stand.

How will this petition be used?

The results of the petition will be shared with policymakers at every level and with the media to amplify your voice. Together we will urge our elected officials to strongly oppose any policy calling for medical mandates, including a mandatory coronavirus vaccine.

The Petition:

As pharmaceutical companies around the world rush to bring a coronavirus vaccine to market, I strongly object to being forced to receive the vaccine when it becomes available. I oppose any government measures that call for coerced or mandated medical interventions, including mandatory coronavirus vaccinations, and I will vote for my representatives accordingly. No pharmaceutical product or procedure should ever be forced, particularly a fast-tracked, experimental vaccine that is free from liability for any harm it might cause — be it a reaction, injury or death.

I recognize that our officials are charged with safeguarding public health by slowing the spread of infectious disease, but they also took a sworn oath to uphold the civil and constitutional rights of their constituents.

One cannot be sacrificed or exchanged for the other. Medical mandates have no place in a free society and violate free, prior and informed consent. As such, I join the undersigned in urging policymakers at every level of government to immediately reject all calls for mandatory coronavirus vaccinations. Without health freedom there is no true freedom.

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