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Can Atmospheric Electricity Contribute to Pilots Collapsing From Blood Clots? How Does Electrically

Can Atmospheric Electricity Contribute to Pilots Collapsing From Blood Clots? How Does Electrically Responsive Hydrogel React Under Increasing Voltage Of Electrostatic Fields At High Altitude?

We know that the C19 shots contain lipid nanoparticles with are the components of hydrogel like Polyethylene Glycol in Pfizer and SM 102 in Moderna. Hydrogel is a self assembly polymer that grows under the exposure of electrical and electromagnetic fields. I have shown the work of Clifford Carnicom, that low level electrical fields can change the blood to an unrecognizable filament network within an extremely short amount of time. I have discussed our Infrared Spectroscopy, patents and historical work on CDB aka Morgellons - indicate the presence of hydrogel. I have written about this here:

It has been known for over a century and been described by Georges Lakhovsky in 1939, that the electric potential of the terrestrial atmosphere increases with height at the rate of 1 volt per cm. The more modern values are described here:

The electrostatic field and the difference of potential of the earth field according to investigations, is in summer about 60 to 100 volts and in winter 300 to 500 volts per meter of difference in height, a simple calculation gives the result that when such a collector is arranged for example on the ground, and a second one is mounted vertically over it at a distance of 2000 meters and both are connected by a conducting cable, there is a difference in potential in summer of about 2,000,000 volts and in winter even of 6,000,000 volts and more.[11]

Many explain electricity in a wire with the analogy of a water pipe. The pressure in the pipe is the voltage (V) and the flow velocity of the current is measured in amperes (A). Power, which is measured in watts (W), is the energy unit per time. Their mathematical relationship is: V x A = W

Imagine our experiment done by Clifford Carnicom even on unvaccinated blood applying 10 micro amps of current for two hours.

Now remember the analysis of Mike Adams on the cadaver blood clots, taken from vaccinated individuals. It contained conductive metals and self assembly carbon rich polymer.

I have discussed my concerns about hydrogel being the culprit of these rubbery blood clots after the documentary “Died suddenly” came out:

It has been shown that electrical signals can control the self assembly of hydrogel:

Coding for hydrogel organization through signal guided self-assembly

We are facing an unprecedented occurrence of medical emergencies in pilots, which are ignored in main stream media, but covered by Dr. William Makis:

And here is more…

How much electricity is in the human body? Scientists agree that the human body, at rest, can produce around 100 watts of power on average. This is enough electricity to power up a light bulb. Some humans have the ability to output over 2,000 watts of power, for instance if sprinting.


I have been sounding the alarm that the rubbery clots seen in deceased vaccinated individuals are made from hydrogel, which is what Mike Adams confirmed. We have shown how blood changes under low level electrical current, clearly growing a filament network, aka rubbery clot like structures. High altitudes voltage increased to anywhere between 2-6 million ( or more) volts at high altitude, could increase the electrical power in the body significantly and contribute to sudden growth of hydrogel filaments. The same can happen with exercise, as the body can increase its power output from 100 to 2000 watts. We must consider that hydrogel self assembly is not only enhanced via electromagnetic fields like 5G but also via electricity. We are a body electric. Could it be that the hydrogel is harnessing our own electric field, as well as that of the environment to produce a “kill switch?”

The evidence so far certainly suggests this and I urge scientists and doctors worldwide to explore this causal relationship. Aviation safety should explore these causalities and their obvious emerging scientific questions. Once again, I ask doctors to use the diagnostic tool of live blood analysis to see if pilots and athletes have these structures. Voltammetry testing on blood of high risk individuals may be an unconsidered valuable diagnostic tool to prevent catastrophic events like airplanes falling out of the sky or people dying suddenly.

All pilots and athletes especially, aside from every human being on the face of the earth, should have live blood analysis BEFORE flights or engaging in exercise. If the hydrogel structures are visible, the blood needs to be cleared and these contributing activities avoided. As you know, I recommend EDTA Chelation with other extensive protocols that I have mentioned in prior substacks and interviews. Most of all, the conversation about this concerning association needs to be taking place worldwide.

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