This is what happens when ill-informed people ‘follow’ others, particularly in situations like the one we all find ourselves in. People are being played like a guitar!

Protest/Marches Canberra - WRONG LOCATION - 26th January 1910 ... (official occupation date) ....

In 1911 that foreign occupier's administration created two of its OWN Territories within the Federal Commonwealth of Australia, being the NT & ACT. In 1913 that Occupier laid its own "Foundation Stone" for Canberra within "IT'S Territory, ACT.

All of these "Protestors" need to consider - We are "Occupied" under Hague IV, Rules and Customs of War on LAND. We signed a Peace Agreement under the RULES of Peace & War.

To protest within the "OCCUPIERS TERRITORY"... under their BLUE national Flag, is no different than Prisoners of War "Uprising", under THEIR Admiralty Blue or Red Civil flags (1908), this then *seen as disrespectful, disloyal to "their" control, making you Belligerents.

If you March/Protest under Our own Land (Country) Flag, the Federal 1901 Red ensign of the Commonwealth of Australia, this is who signed in name, the peace agreement in Peace & War... on or within The Foreign Occupiers created territories, You then stand NOT in "Peace", of which switches then to "War", hence, an act of declaring "War", and doing so in THEIR Territory, is an Invasion in act of "War"... and Makes you COMBATANT under the Hague IV treaty signed.

It then Becomes a Battlefield under the "Rules of War" within THEIR Territory. Even a stick in your hand is/can be, considered a Weapon, on a BATTLEFIELD...

If Canberra ACT protests/march get's out of Hand ... It is very much ground to enact the New Defence Policy, as per Rules and Customs of War on Land. Internationally the Foreign Occupiers Administration will be well within their rights to Enact the Policy..... Rod Culleton has done a call out for ALL to turn up with the Federal 1901 Red ensign Land Flag in the Territory of the Foreign Occupier on our Land in our Country ... Work it out ... not rocket science.

Bosi is doing the same.

WAKE UP PEOPLE, you are being played into a BAD Situation.

Both old & new Parliament houses are sitting in a Foreign Occupiers Territory... OUR ORIGINAL Parliament House is in MELBOURNE ... Where our SHRINE & FOUNDATION STONE IS - the corner stone, written in stone, set in stone, compassed and anchored under the Blessing of Almighty God consecrated. Carrying OUR FEDERAL LAND FLAG ... 100% everywhere in the Country, it's our flag of the people of this land OCCUPIED People, yes we can even Fly our Land Flag in Canberra, the ACT & NT, the Foreign Occupiers Territories, HOWEVER, "NOT" in the Context of Up-Rise, or Protest in those territories... If done in that context, you no longer stand in "Peace" protected by a Hague Peace Treaty, the you/we signed and agreed to rather than go to War.... WAKE UP PEOPLE... it is Not a Game..

You are being Managed by the BOTTOM Up btw, not the Top down.... Melbourne Governor General, and original first Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, is where you need to protest & march...

This is where the Foreign Occupiers "Administrator" sits..... COUNCILS, is where you need to Protest/march...

Get rid of what is FOREIGN in corporate administration OUT of you towns, districts and COUNCILS ...

It is MELBOURNE "Original Federal Parliament" and COUNCILS where your attention should be focussed... and neither of these places are/ or within the Territory of a Foreign Occupier.

Wake UP.

Spread this like wild fire.