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CASE 001-SA before The People's Commission

The truth about how courts, police, ‘child protection and many other systems are conspiring to protect abusers. Who is protecting our children❓

This is a powerful new project created by incredible advocate for our children, Dee McLachlan

Australia has the highest reports for child rape of girls. How many go unreported?

Australia has the highest numbers for child removals.

Thousands of children are deliberately placed with abusers and remain hostage there.

While good parents fighting to save and protect their own are persecuted, receiving the full wrath of the state to silence these stories from ever being publicly heard. Mums & Dads supporting their childrens disclosures of horrific abuse are tortured by the state systems that bury, discard and destroy the evidence. These families are suffering the unbearable pain of having their precious babes taken from them, while knowing that their child is suffering and yet the state keeps them apart. The state leaves these children to be abused.

#itstime to Wake Up the ‘Lucky Country’.

A cult-ure that is unable to prioritise protecting its most vulnerable must be publicly exposed and dismantled entirely

Please SHARE far and wide and together let’s break their state sanctioned child trafficking networks by opening one mind at a time. This ends with us 💖🔥

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