CDC Reports 28x More Fully Vaxxed Than Unvaxxed Hospitalized With COVID

Published on November 4, 2021

A new CDC study (inadvertently?) finds 28 times more fully vaccinated patients (5,213) were hospitalized with COVID from June to September than the unvaccinated with prior infection (189) in nine U.S. states.

The CDC was apparently hoping this study would demonstrate the superiority of vaccination relative to natural immunity from a prior infection so they could compel more Americans to get vaccinated. It may have backfired.

Out of 201,269 people hospitalized with “COVID-19-like illness” from January to September (2021) in 9 states, just 1,020 (0.5 percent) of the hospitalizations occurred in unvaccinated people previously infected with COVID. This is a remarkably small number considering the CDC has estimated 120.2 million Americans (36.8% of the US population) had already been infected with COVID by late May.

Out of these 1,020 unvaccinated COVID patients landing in the hospital from January to September, 89 (8.7 percent) had tested positive for COVID a second time. The CDC interpreted this to mean natural immunity was less protective against re-infection with symptomatic COVID than vaccination because the percentage of infected fully vaccinated people in the hospital was 5.1 percent, or 1.7 times less.

But the rather hidden internals of the paper reveal a remarkable statistic: there were 27.6 times more (5,213 vs. 189) fully vaccinated than unvaccinated patients with COVID who needed to be hospitalized from June to September.

Considering the prevalence of infection in the U.S. (probably 40-45 percent of the U.S. population had been infected by June to September if prevalence was 37 percent by late May), there is little likelihood there were 28 times more people vaccinated than already infected.

This would appear to contradict the very vaccination-reduces-hospitalization conclusion the CDC had intended to emphasize in the first place.

UK: 90 Percent Of New Infections And 89 Percent Of Deaths Over 70 Are In The Fully Vaccinated

During weeks 38 to 41 (October), 2021, the UK Health Security Agency reports there were 117,882 of 130,904 (90 percent) new COVID cases identified in people aged 40 to 49 years old and fully vaccinated.

And the fully vaccinated were 2.2 times more likely to be infected with COVID (1,731.3 vs. 772.9 new cases per 100,000) than the unvaccinated in the 40-49 age group. Also, the fully vaccinated were about 2 times more likely to be infected in age groups 50-59, 60-69, and 70-79. It was only in the under 30 age groups that the unvaccinated had higher infection rates than the vaccinated.

The latest report for weeks 39 to 42 indicates 2,333 of 2,621 (89 percent) COVID deaths were in the fully vaccinated. Again, that’s nearly 9 of every 10 deaths.

This death percentage is slightly lower than the percentage of 70+ fully vaccinated (more than 90 percent), and thus the UKHSA has emphasized that the unvaccinated are more at risk with regard to probabilities. But this is little consolation in defending vaccine effectiveness when 89 percent of those dying are fully vaccinated.

Three Studies Find Vaccine Effectiveness Vanishes To Zero Percent After 5-7 Months

In a study on vaccine effectiveness in hundreds of thousands of Qatar residents we learn that protection against infection peaks at 72.1 percent 4 to 5 weeks after the second dose, and then it rapidly declines to 0 percent (i.e., no more protection than the unvaccinated) within 140 days, or 20 weeks and later.

Image Source: Chemaitelly Et Al., 2021

Another study analyzed 11,889 infections in Israel and found infectiousness protection among the fully vaccinated “vanished” to the point there was no distinguishing the vaccinated from the unvaccinated within 180 days.

“[T]he viral load effectiveness declines with time post vaccination, significantly decreasing already after 3 months and effectively vanishing after about six months.”

Image Source: Levine-Tiefenbrun Et Al., 2021

A nation-wide study of Sweden’s mass vaccination campaign determined that vaccine effectiveness fell from 92 percent to 47 percent within 121-180 days after the second shot, and then “from day 211 and onwards no effectiveness could be detected.”

Image Source: Nordström Et Al., 2021

A disturbing study of 582 vaccine recipients (health care workers) found 48.4 percent were infected with COVID within 4 weeks after their first shot, and 25.3 percent were infected with COVID within 3 months after their second shot.

It’s as if these vaccines offer no protection at all.

Image Source: Ujjainiya Et Al., 2021

Natural Immunity From A Prior Infection Is Better Than Vaccines

In contrast to the rapidly-waning protection offered by COVID’s “leaky” vaccines, a collection of 96 studies (as of 1 November) and counting compiled by an epidemiologist and 5 other MDs affirm a prior COVID infection (i.e., natural immunity) offers more and longer-lasting protection than vaccines do.

For example, according to a compendium of 54 studies involving over 12 million people, those who have already been infected with COVID are re-infected at a rate of only 0.2 percent (1 in 500) in the next 8 months after infection.