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Chemtrail spraying has intensified exponentially since 2019

So why is testing for Chemtrail residue important? It has contaminated our drinking and recreational water, our farms, our market gardens our tank water and our private gardens!

This is a lab result completed for a Gold Coast organic market gardener from 2019. A year later all government, private and university laboratories slammed their doors shut to the public for testing chemtrail residue on plants and water as well as E.coli/Enterococci faecal contamination in recreational water.

Water tested was Tank, Rain 20mm, Rain 50mm and Bottled

The main toxins over safe limits are:

- Aluminium

- Arsenic

- Barium

- Boron

- Copper

- Iron

- Manganese

- Nickel

- Selenium

- Zinc

The levels shown above safe levels are horrific and the Chemtrail spraying has intensified exponentially since 2019.

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