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CHEMTRAILS: NASAs 1985 Document ☣️ Lithium & Barium Releases into the Atmosphere

The United States, Germany and United Kingdom teamed up to spam the sky with chemicals to make fake comets and artificial auroras. Oh, and they also wanted to see if it BLOCKS THE SUN...

Although they tell us, “Chemtrails aren’t real”, and, “the government isn’t intentionally releasing anything into the sky”, almost 40 years ago, NASA published a document called Astronautics and Aeronautics for 1985, which outlined the creation of their program that intentionally released chemicals into the sky... the exact same chemicals that are still coming down in our rain water and snow… because they are still being intentionally released… by the government… into the sky. Duh.

I just finished writing a 4-part series about NASA. In this series we asked, How Fake is NASA?, then looked at almost 60 YEARS of Space propaganda leading up to the first space venture in history. In the second part of the series we looked at The NASA PSYOP and tried to locate 1 real photograph of outer space. Part 3 was called How to Fake Space, and showed NASA’s CGI glitches, harnesses, green screens and more. In the grand finale to the series we examined Who is NASA and Why would they Lie? All of this evidence, combined together, leads us to ask, “If they’re not going to Space, WTF is $25+ billion (in tax dollars) PER YEAR BEING SPENT ON?”. Perhaps we can answer that today.

In this very boring 568-page document you will learn how NASA began working with worldwide governments to study the creation of artificial clouds and comets using, quote, “payloads” of Lithium and Barium dispersed into the sky. Yeah, they’re toxic. Yes, Lithium is a drug used to treat bipolar disorder and to make batteries (huh? Medicine and batteries, you say?), and NASA is the largest investor in Lithium (and helium), and sure, they were released into the sky, but it’s 100% safe because our governments would never, ever release dangerous chemicals into the air we breathe, and even if they did, “Chemtrails are a hoax”, they tell me.


After spending years studying the suns rays and the impact chemicals have on blocking them, it was time for the joint-collaboration experiments to officially begin. The objective of the first experiment was to learn about vapor expansion from atmospheric chemical releases and specifically, to learn what impact these chemicals will have on the suns radiation. In laymen’s terms, this means, “let’s spray sh*t into the sky to block that thing that emits light”.

In the first experiment NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility, located in Virginia USA, launched a sounding rocket carrying a 157 pound (71.8 kg) payload:

The payload was “balls of greenish-white titanium-boron-barium and barium-cupric-oxide”, which the sounding rocket released when it hit an altitude of 230 miles. The scientists were delighted to see that the barium clouds rapidly expanded, while ejecting barium ions everywhere. The cloud formed “a visible streak more than 62 miles long” (100 km).

A second experiment involved releasing red titanium-boron-lithium. Yummy. These chemicals were released at 325 miles and expanded to a diameter of several hundred kilometers IN LESS THAN ONE MINUTE (300km = 186 mi… in under 60 seconds…). Goddard Space Flight Center‘s Wallops Range Control Center received reports of cloud sightings from as far north as Maine and as far south as North Carolina and Indiana. That is a massive f*cking “cloud”, from a single release:

…Now imagine if you had 4 releases at the same time… that sure would block a lot of sun, across the whole nation, now wouldn’t it?…

The next experiment was to create man-made comets. For this project, the United States, West Germany, and the United Kingdom joined forces to inject lithium and barium into the atmosphere. The scientists claimed that although it was a cloudy day, the comet was a success and the chemical “tail” of the chemical comet spanned up to 12,427 miles in length (20,000 km). CHEMICAL + TRAIL = “CHEMTRAIL”.

Germany then began testing the release of other chemicals to create even longer comets, because if there’s one thing the German people want their tax dollars spent on, it's not Oktoberfest, a plate of schnitzel or a pint of Hefferveisen, it’s the government popping off fake comets by spamming their sky with toxins.

NASA then announced that it awarded a $145.8 million contract to General Electric for development of the upper atmosphere research observatory, called UARS, because everything government-related needs a stupid 3-to-4 letter name. Oh, and also, if you’re wondering why the F the number is so strange, like why is it $145.8 million instead of $146 million? Well, if you’re into that number stuff,

$145.8 =

1+4+5+8 = 18

18 is 6 + 6 + 6

… so 145.8 is 666

For more on that topic, read my post, NASA: Freemasons in Space.

Shortly thereafter, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, working with Germany, tag-teamed a large Barium release. Germany discovered that this release was successful, that it changed the earths magnetic field. YAY! Maybe you’re like, “Agent, what exactly happens when the earth magnetic field changes?”, to which I reply, “Not much sweetheart, other than magnetic compasses not working and species of birds, bees, insects, animals and sea life that rely on the magnetic field to navigate cannot make it home with food to feed their families so they are senselessly slaughtered, other than, not much, but did you see that comet?”

Perhaps this is a good time for me to tell you about Barium Inhalation?


Barium is a Toxic Heavy Metal. Symptoms of Barium poisoning include:

  • Cardiac irregularities

  • Tremors

  • Weakness

  • Anxiety

  • Dyspnea

  • Paralysis

  • Gastrointestinal disturbances (diarrhea, IBS)

  • Muscle weakness

  • neurodegenerative diseases

  • High blood pressure (hypertension)

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Breast Cancer

  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

  • Hypokalemia (Health condition with insufficient potassium in blood)

  • Covid

They have been studying the health ramifications of Barium Nanoparticles in air and how it impacts rats…I wonder why? Seems like an odd thing to randomly choose to study, doesn’t it?

After only 24 months, particles were permanently lodged in the rats lungs.

Because of the irreversible harm done to the rats, they were euthanized at the end of the 24-month study. Thank goodness, we would never want any form of life to be forced to live with Barium Inhalation damage to their lungs! That would be inhumane!

Barium, when released into the atmosphere, can be a greenish color if burned / ignited.

If released as raw particles, it is white:

Barium and strontium, when combined, can create “pretty Auroras”:

When you shoot off those cool-looking green fireworks, you are literally helping the government chemtrail the sky.

I beg you to not shoot fireworks. It is not patriotic, it’s evil. These chemicals help block the sun, kill the insects, poison the air, contaminate the soil and poison the water. That’s why there’s not a peep from all the FAKE “Save the Earth” organizations who are funded by the same organizations they allegedly police. We will discuss this in much more detail in the future, because this too is a deep, sad, sh*tty rabbit hole:

Now let’s get back to NASA:

At this point in time, we are still in the early 1980s, and NASA is loving their chemmies so much that now they wanted to know if they could release chemicals that would not be noticeable by an observer on the ground, because that’s not suspicious AF or anything. An absolutely massive barium release and two gigantic lithium releases then occurred. All of the ground stations, except the one in Argentina, reported clear weather. The Arizona ground station stated that it did see the chemicals, but only briefly. The chemicals were only visual with the naked eye for about 20 minutes. This meant that now NASA knew chemicals could be released without public observation, or, at worst, a very short observation period.

More lithium releases and fake comets followed. Awesome.

Lithium, when released into the sky, is often a reddish-color that can also appear orange or pink.

Sorry for ruining “beautiful sunsets”

They claim this is just a stunning, rare natural phenomenon, but congressional testimony proves otherwise, check out my Substack post about it. The title is Chemtrails Testimony: GeoEnginnering means no more blue skies, only whitewith magnificent, colorful sunsets.

Still in the early 1980s, Johns Hopkins Physics Lab, who would later become a pillar of the military GeoEngineering program, scored a government a contract with NASA to build the rockets and crafts that would be used to release further chemicals.

The Germans then released two Barium Canisters to create another artificial comet. A third release was a combination of Barium and Lithium. It was during these experiments that a discovery was made, that discovery was, if these chemicals were released at 70,000 feet or higher, the chemicals would not appear on satellite imaging. Now they knew that, not only could the public not see their chemicals, but they have a way for them to not appear on satellite either. Spray and deny. Can I make a quick point really fast? If “satellites” are machines in “space”, as shown in NASAs artist renderings, why is it that the chemicals will not appear on satellite when they are high up in the atmosphere? Shouldn’t they appear better if they are closer to the f*cking space satellite?

For more on NASA Fakery, read my 4-part series that absolutely shatters the illusion. In the final phase of this experiment, researchers used two balloons, each large enough to enclose an entire football field, to lift scientific payloads into the atmosphere. All we know is that this was labeled a success, and the first phase of the tri-country partnership studies were marked “Completed”.


Even prior to the 1980’s, NASA was releasing chem-chems all over the place.

In 1978, a 36‐pound barium payload was ejected 20,000 miles above Central America, as well as Alaska:

2013, the military publicly states it will be making Auroras using HAARP. These Auroras also require chemicals. Which makes me wonder, is there such thing as a real Aurora? Or have they all been chemically induced?

2017, “clouds of barium, strontium and cupric-oxide vapor” were released over the east coast of the USA to create “Bright Artificial Clouds”:

Another project in 2017 lasted from February 13th through March 3rd. This operation formed artificial clouds by deploying trimethyl aluminum (TMA):

Inhaling TMA can cause skin irritation, burning eyes, burning / sore throat, coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath.

BUT, the government does know you should always wear a respirator when working with it, and if it ever comes in contact with your eyes or skin, you need to seek medical attention. If you ever inhale it “transfer promptly to a medical facility”:

Also, the media and CDC assure us that these releases are safe, because, “there is no harm to humans when it is in the atmosphere… they accidentally forgot to explain the harms when it comes down in rain and snow… the weird snow that doesn’t melt: (41 second video)

In 2018, NASA secured a 13,500 acre-area, surrounded by a 125,000-acre buffer zone in the wetlands of Mississippi, where they built the John C. Stennis Space Center (SSC). This is a special place for the testing rocket engines. The combustion of the engine materials create large clouds of steam that exceed 6,000 °F. The steam rises after the engine test and cools in the air, forming a cloud that floats over the city and can create rain nearby.

In case you missed it, tax dollars paid for wetlands to be obtained for the purpose of shooting off chemicals around them. Once again, where are all the eco-activists?

2021: NASA released, “Two of the payloads of barium vapor clouds in the upper atmosphere”

There’s thousands of known experiments.

2023: To this day, NASA openly admits that it is releasing Aluminum (TMA), Lithium and Barium into the atmosphere and that these chemicals create “trails”:

So, that’s the story of the 1980’s NASA document, which clearly outlines that they were doing exactly what we say they are currently doing, yet we are labeled Conspiracy Theorists for simply saying, “the government is doing exactly what the government was doing, and openly admits to currently doing”.


We still need to answer the question, “If they aren’t going to Space, what is $25+ BILLION per year being spent on?” Well, in a document from 2010, which we will be discussing this year, they outlined the Chemtrail program cost, in great detail. They listed cost as $1.1 billion annually for a fleet of 24 Boeing planes, which would be stationed at military bases, then fly a total of 48 flights per day:

… and that cost is for only two dozen planes, based on 2010 monetary value. After NASA’s costs of operations, how much of the $26 billion is left over? Let’s guess $15 billion, maybe more? For $15 billion, you can operate over 300 planes per day, each making two flights.

That equals 600 spray missions per day, which would fit with this:

Remember, even though NASA is being sold to us as a Space program, NASA stands for “National Aeronautics and Space Administration”… Aeronautics is airplanes…


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