CHILD ABUSE - The Real Pandemic!

“There are currently 29 suppression orders in the Federal Australian Government for high level child abuse rings operating all the way to the top of this government. One suppression order in particular involves 28 prominent Australians, two of which are x prime ministers of Australia and these files have suppressed by the parliament for 89 years..

Now if you think this issue is a foreign issue, your wrong. We have evidence of children being sacrificed under the Hill Song Church in Western Sydney and this evidence was tabled in the NSW parliament on the 17th September 1997 by Franca Arena and this evidence was again swept under the carpet. And what does this so called Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison do, he gives his mate Brian Houston, founder of Hill Song Church a green card to leave the Country..”

~David Cole, Tribal Lore Man on Larrakia Sovereign Tribal Lands