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Child Trafficking in Australia:VICTORY! Russell Pridgeon Reclaims His Medical License

Child Trafficking in Australia:

VICTORY! Russell Pridgeon Reclaims His Medical License

“Let me cover Dr Pridgeon’s case so we can understand the level of government malfeasance in this land Down Under. (Gumshoe has reported on it for the last 3 years. See my videos here ([video, 5 minutes, 11 seconds])

The state prosecuted Dr Pridgeon for protecting children who had disclosed sexual abuse to the authorities many times. Their disclosures were credible, detailed, consistent over years, and validated by experts. Yet Townsville Child Protection Investigation Unit corrupted the investigation and continued to advise the Courts that the abuse was ‘unsubstantiated’. As a consequence of this, the courts changed custody of these children so that the men whom the children had identified as their abusers gained sole custody of the children.

The abuse continued, and the children were exhibiting gross signs of abuse. In desperation, the protective mother rescued these children and fled with them. She was assisted by ordinary decent Australians, including Dr Pridgeon.

Our society demands that children are kept safe from harm at all times, especially such egregious harm as child sexual abuse. [The Family Law Act 1975, s70NAE, provides that a parent, or anyone, can contravene an existing custody order, if the child’s safety is in danger.]

Furthermore, the law criminalises child sexual abuse. The law makes it a crime not to protect children from harm at all times and in all circumstances.

Yet the men whom the children identified as their abusers are untroubled by the law, and the people who tried to protect these children are being prosecuted in the most aggressive fashion and face decades in jail if convicted.

I interpret this prosecution as part of a criminal enterprise — it is clearly aimed at hiding the crimes of child rape and protects the abusers and the authorities who enabled the ongoing abuse of these children. This is not historical, these children have been returned by the AFP to the custody of the men who the children clearly identified as their abusers.

The children have been in their abusive custody for the past 4 years, and are reported to be suicidal, self-harming and running away. The authorities are complicit in the crimes against these children.

The prosecutors have dropped 5 out of the 7 charges against Dr Pridgeon because they could never be proved in court. It is a certainty that the remaining 2 charges will be dropped as well, as they cannot be proved either. The Prosecutors are actively hiding the evidence of the children’s abuse from the court."

"Dr Pridgeon’s medical registration has now been restored by the Court of Appeal. It is extremely concerning to know that the Medical Council regards child protection as professional misconduct, and sanctions a doctor for doing it.”


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