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CHINA vlog: I went to 4 HOSPITALS in 3 cities in 1 DAY

This gentleman visited 4 Chinese Hospitals in one day, which we are being told are overrun with dead bodies piling up.

I’ve scrolled through the video. No dead bodies here. 🤷‍♀️


"When calling my dad during Christmas I found out that the MSM was blasting the world with the idea that “China was collapsing (AGAIN!!)” this time due to covid. I live in Guangzhou, China and as usual I don't see the MSM's narrative on the ground here. I only work part-time, so that I can make videos, so I decided to spend a full day from 7am to 7pm going to different hopiitals in different Chinese cities. I am a volunteer youtuber not funded by anyone so please consider supporting this channel!"

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