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Christmas: From an Esoteric Interfaith Perspective - Shunyamurti Teaching

Shunyamurti unpacks deep layers of meaning contained in the Christmas scenario. He links the universal and archetypal levels of the Christ as symbol with the actual life of the enlightened Israelite sage who is remembered by that title. The dimension of the Christ as Self is distinguished from other religious, ideological, and mythological depictions. We also learn how the teachings of Christ have analogs in all religions, and how the holy day of Christ’s symbolic birth takes place at the end of the year, which heralds the revelation of God at the end of every cycle of time, heralding a new beginning. Facing the Apocalypse is the final exam in this wisdom school that is the world, and only the attainment of Christ-consciousness will avail at the moment of Truth. May the Christ (who is also Krishna, Buddha, and the Dao, among other names) be born in you this season.

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