Chronic Corruption Part III: President Stands Against CDC

By Ty & Charlene Bollinger

"Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority.”

– ­Sir John Dalberg-Acton

In Part I of this series, we looked at the absolute incompetence that has defined the CDC since its inception. In Part II, we exposed the true severity of this corruption, and the devastating effect it is having on our nation right now. Fortunately, hope is not lost.

There is currently a battle being waged for our nation’s safety, prosperity, and independence. This battle has put brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, and American against fellow Americans. This battle is between good and evil… and we need to work together if we’re going to win.

A President Under Fire

But this is all great news for those seeking more power and wealth. President Trump – a political outsider who has completely upended the vicious cycle of political corruption, stopped the blatant exploitation of our economy by China, set clear and definitive boundaries with nations like Iran and North Korea regarding their reckless and threatening behavior, and who has led one of the greatest periods of economic growth our nation has ever seen – is facing an election year.

How perfect for his political enemies, then, that unemployment is skyrocketing? That people are afraid, out of work, and watching their life’s savings and dreams dwindle? What better way to boost the appeal of a bumbling career politician like Joe Biden than to crush our hopes and dreams while promising that a liberal government will take care of us.

Have you noticed that almost anything the president says is immediately denounced and contradicted by the media and his political rivals, even if it could help? Just take a look at Hydroxychloroquine.

As soon as the president suggested that the antimalarial drug may be effective against COVID-19, he was denounced by the media and DNC. But science is on the President’s side.

Researchers at NYU’s Grossman School of Medicine found that patients who were given the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin were 44% less likely to die from the coronavirus.

"Certainly, we have very limited options as far as what we have seen work for this infection so anything that may work is very exciting,” said Dr. Joseph Rahimian, the Infectious Disease Specialist at NYU Langone Health.

And he’s right – if something seems to work, why not try it? President Trump (along with many of us in the natural health community) understands that we need to support our natural defenses rather than pumping in more poison. Supporting our immune systems and practicing fundamental hygiene is essential to beating this virus (the vast majority of fatalities have been in people with seriously compromised immune systems or other existing health issues).

But that doesn’t matter to the CDC, DNC, or people like Bill Gates. They see a chance to eliminate a President who has almost single-handedly stopped their plans for global enslavement and the death of freedom. They see it as a chance to make billions of dollars. And they see it as a way to keep us complacent.

What better way to bring us to our knees than by stripping our freedoms, spreading fear, and forcing many into total dependence on the government just to feed their families? And don’t forget: this is YOUR money that they’re handing out. You probably paid much more in taxes just this past year than you’ll ever receive in some stimulus check.

And what better way to implement widespread facial recognition and digital tracking than with fear of a virus? What better way to finally implement the mandatory vaccination policies that have had pharmaceutical execs drooling for decades than fear of a global pandemic?

The CDC is quietly doing what they can to instill fear, exaggerate the true impact of the virus, and help to strip the American people of their constitutional and God-given freedom. In fact, CDC guidelines seem to be DESIGNED to inflate the numbers.

First, the CDC has been very clear that patients don’t need to be tested positive for the virus to be added to the coronavirus death toll. According to the official CDC diagnosis guidelines:

"In cases where a definite diagnosis of COVID–19 cannot be made, but it is suspected or likely….., it is acceptable to report COVID–19 on a death certificate as “probable” or “presumed.”


This means that anyone who dies with a cough or other respiratory issue could be counted as a victim of coronavirus, even if there is no evidence that they were infected. Furthermore, anyone who passes away and then tests positive is then considered a death from COVID-19, regardless of the actual cause of death. People who have died in car accidents, by drowning, or from alcohol poisoning have been counted as victims of the virus even though their deaths were in no way related to COVID-19.

Colorado was recently forced to update their statistics after a local representative exposed the false reporting and requested that the State Attorney General open a criminal investigation against the state’s Department of Public Health Director for falsifying medical records.

Once the numbers were updated, the death toll in Colorado dropped by 20% overnight – and those numbers STILL included deceased patients who were never tested and were simply “presumed” to have had the virus due to a fever or respiratory condition. And speaking of Colorado…

Around the same time that the state was exposed for falsifying the data, Governor Jared Polis met with President Trump to ask for more federal funding. He assured the President that Colorado was “mostly open” with “really just bars and nightclubs still closed.”

But that was a lie.

Polis, who narrowly avoided being recalled last year, has used his authority to punish anyone who questions his “executive orders.” While he sat smiling at President Trump, he was using the Colorado Health Department to suspend the license of a small café that reopened its doors for Mother’s Day.

One of his political rivals, who opened her restaurant last week, was issued a cease and desist order. After she failed to comply (and after the local sheriff’s department refused to arrest her), Polis unilaterally suspended her restaurant license.

The CDC and WHO, along with corrupt politicians, the media, and the tech and pharmaceutical industries, are on the warpath. They want to misinform and blame the president for a crisis that they’ve created. They want to scare the American people into following orders that have no basis in science, and which have led to a catastrophic economic disaster.

People are losing their homes, businesses, and hope. Soon, they’re going to be asked to accept mandatory vaccinations and massively expanded government authority in exchange for freedoms that have been theirs all along. And President Trump may be one of the few leaders standing in their way.

But no one is paying attention because we’re too busy fighting amongst ourselves.

A Nation Divided

While a war is being waged and our freedom and way of life is on the line, we’ve been too busy bickering to pay attention. Media outlets are spending 90% of their time demonizing opposing viewpoints instead of reporting the news. People are fighting online about the efficacy of facemasks and whether or not we should reopen the country.

One woman was forcibly separated from her child for “failing to observe social distancing guidelines.”

The truth is that we are not enemies. That the person who wears a facemask to go to the store is no better or worse than the person who doesn’t. Part of living in a nation that is truly free is respecting the opinions and decisions of others – as long as they don’t infringe on someone else’s rights.

If a business wants to stay closed for fear of getting sick? Let them. A business wants to reopen to avoid bankruptcy and stimulate the economy? Let them. You have a choice on where you go, who you spend time with, and what measures you choose to take regarding your health.

I could tell you that ALL of the science says that face-masks-for-all makes you more likely to contract coronavirus, but that’s your choice. I could tell you that Bill Gates and the CDC have been looking for a chance to mandate and force their patented vaccines on the public or that the coronavirus vaccine will be one of the most dangerous and untested vaccines in history, but it will be your choice whether or not to accept it.

But we need to stop demonizing those with different opinions and unite against the coming oppression before it’s too late. We need to stop labeling the pro-mask camp as “idiots” or the anti-mask camp as “uncaring.” It’s time to turn our eyes to the real enemies:

  • The leaders and corporations that have been lying to us for months.

  • The fascist governors who have implemented draconian rules without any due process.

  • The politicians who have used this crisis as an opportunity to expand their power and force their hidden agendas instead of helping our nation get back on its feet.

As a constitutional republic, elected officials have an obligation to uphold the civil liberties and constitutional rights of its citizens, as well as protecting the health of the public. These cannot be sacrificed or exchanged for one another.

So, wash your hands. Go outside. Love your neighbor. And remember that neither the CDC, nor your local government, nor the mainstream media can take away your freedom. It is yours by right. It is yours by birth. And it’s time you stand up to defend it.