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Climate: The Movie

The film that lifts the lid on the climate alarm, and the dark forces behind the climate consensus. Written and directed by Martin Durkin. Produced by Tom Nelson.

How and why this video is still up on Youtube is a mystery to me. It is clear, scientifically, socially and historically accurate, easy to understand and makes it abundantly clear that there is absolutely, categorically and definitively no climate emergency. There is, however, a clear and present intention to use the meteorological equivalent of the non-existent pandemic, best called a “propagandemic”, to do far worse damage than even the gene jabs, the lockdowns, the midazolam murders, the culling of the elderly and the rest of it.

Agriculture, society, property rights, parental rights, informed consent, freedom of movement, right to reproduce, every human right is under massive threat from this non-existent, cooked-up, sleazy pseudoscientific nonsense, all courtesy of the Death Machine run by the Unelected Nobodies, the UN.

So how about we get out of it? How about we do it now? Right! Great idea. Tell Congress NOW to co-sponsor and pass with the necessary veto-overriding supermajority, the Disengaging Entirely From the UN Debacle Act of 2023 (HR 6645/S 3428). You can do that quickly and easily here, Https://


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