‘Conspiracy theorists’ – the new extremists


Sarah Mclellan

The rationale that dominates the minds of the mainstream, which for over two years has dictated the dominant discourse, seems to be now moving into very dangerous territory that ought to be horrifying by anyone’s standards. The government has re-framed what it means to be an ‘extremist’ causing eerie echoes of the Orwellian Thought Police to grow unnervingly apparent.

There’s a new extremism; it’s homegrown and has been brewing for a while.

‘Extremists’ are portrayed as anyone who questions or supports a different view of the Covid narrative perpetuated by the government and media. They are seen as threats to national security akin to the Jihad terrorists. Citizens who dare think for themselves, research, and actively engage in critical thinking are targeted.

An SBS report published February 2, 2021 said, ‘The federal government will spend more than $60 million to combat violent extremism, targeting the rapid rise in conspiracy theories during the Covid pandemic.’

Indeed, ‘conspiracy theories’ were rife during the pandemic. Perhaps this was because inquisitive minds and those in possession of logic and reason suspected it was possible they were being lied to by authority figures. The favourite ‘conspiracy theory’ back in 2020 was that the virus originated in a Wuhan lab and not from a bat at the local market. Today, this is seen as the most plausible explanation.

A ‘conspiracy theory’ suggesting that vaccines would become mandatory and that peoples’ livelihoods would be threatened is now a reality.

More recently the ‘conspiracy theory’ that labelled Ivermectin as a genuine treatment for Covid has been supported by the Japanese pharmaceutical company Kowa Co Ltd (7807.T) as showing an ‘antiviral effect’ against Omicron and other coronavirus variants. The drug has been used successfully in Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populated state, as part of their test and treat program.

Increasingly, the term ‘conspiracy theory’ is used to discredit any idea that strays from the dominant discourse and connotes unfounded, irrational ideas held by people wanting to cause disruption and spread ‘misinformation’. It’s a powerful label that is used repeatedly in the media and is so far working to convince the masses despite many ‘conspiracy theories’ coming to fruition. Synonymous with ‘terrorists’, ‘right-wing extremists’ and ‘anti-vaxxers’, it allows the government to target free-thinking, peaceful, pro-democratic citizens.

Whilst any form of violence is strongly opposed by the author and by no means condoned, one must suspect the government is playing on the notion of fear associated with ‘extremism’. Instead of targeting extremists in the truest sense of the word – those plotting to use violence against any individual or institution for whatever the reason be it politically or religiously motivated – the targeting by police is far broader and includes the pro-democracy citizen.

As part of the government’s funding boost to counter the rise in extremism, the SBS also reports that the pandemic has ‘supercharged the number of conspiracy-minded groups and individuals.’

According to the SBS, the anti-lockdown protests are an example of ‘violent extremism’ and will be targeted by the nation’s security agencies. Professor Barton from Deakin University said protesters outside the National Press Club where Prime Minister Scott Morrison appeared on February 1 included ‘genuine far-right extremists’ and were an example of the potential threat. Yet no violence took place. Where is this evidence of ‘far-right extremists?’ They were simply a group of people exercising their legal democratic right to voice their opinions and objections.

The average Aussie attending a protest is now deemed an ‘extremist’.

Never fear ‘group thinkers’, as part of the counter conspiracy boost, the government has dedicated $10.7 million in community grants for the obedient citizens to assist in normalising the dissenters and $4.7 million ‘into communication programs that rebut extremism narratives’.

Thank goodness…! I just have not seen enough ads, articles, and media reports on how great the vaccine is. Without those community grants I would not have been convinced the jab is wonderfully effective in combating the virus and that it is truly is our ‘ticket to freedom’! Please ignore the fact the vaccinated are contracting the virus. Please refrain from stating the government coerced you into receiving the vaccine. And above all else, ignore the evidence of vaccine injuries and death. Don’t let these inconvenient truths get in the way of the one truth you must believe.

There is always a legacy left from policies made during a crisis. How authorities choose to use these legacies and learnings from the past depends on their agenda for the future. The Nuremberg Code, for example, was developed as a result of the Nazi atrocities during the second world war. However, the principles contained within it run contrary to the Covid agenda and so it is dismissed as a legal argument for those seeking justice for human rights abuses in relation to vaccine coercion.

In contrast, terrorism laws introduced after 9/11 work nicely for government during Covid. These laws created broad powers to deal with extremists. Only recently did the New York Times warn, ‘The anti-vaxxer movement could end up serving as a conveyor belt that delivers new members to other extremist groups, including militias and racially and ethnically motivated violent extremist organisations.’

ASIO has warned that the pandemic has ‘exacerbated a range of anti-government, anti-5G, anti-vaccination, and pro-conspiracy narratives’. Look out world, here come the teachers, nurses, grandparents, and everyday mums and dads looking to destroy your lives and blow up your institutions! It’s laughable… Just because a person refuses a vaccination program it doesn’t make them susceptible to authentic terrorist organisations.

Australia has introduced 92 new anti-terrorism laws in the past 20 years that can (and have) been used against dissenting against Covid voices. It remains to be seen which laws will linger as a result of the Covid crisis, but with so much legislation rammed through in the past two years, the pickings are vast.

So, what of the ‘crazy extremists’ who don’t want to be a part of this ‘Brave New World’?

Aldous Huxley described the situation as, ‘A fanciful and somewhat ribald picture of a society, in which the attempt to recreate human beings in the likeness of termites has been pushed almost to the limits of the possible. That we are being propelled in the direction of Brave New World is obvious. But no less obvious is the fact that we can, if we so desire, refuse to cooperate with the blind forces that are propelling us.’

Indeed, there are those that refuse to be a termite and will not abide by despot leaders. What of their fate if resistance is continued? Are we prepared to stand silently by as fellow citizens are incarcerated because they shared evidence or an opinion out of step with the government’s ‘expert’ Covid narrative? Is society now at the point whereby it’s too late for the crowd to reclaim their humanity and save us from the socialist state?

France, once the epitome of liberty, has fallen.

Will Australia head into that same darkness that now consumes a once free nation or will the example of the UK, Denmark, and Ireland be the beacon of light for our salvation so desperately needed…