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Reveals the obvious difference between a Contrail and a Chemtrail.

The same model jets flew the same flight path using the same extremely steep angle of ascent, arcing over the valley at the same altitude, using the same extremely steep angle of descent, and dropping to a very low altitude.

The chemtrail jet flew the same flight path as the contrail jet. The chemtrail drifted closer, downwards, and to the right for about 10 minutes before the contrail jet appeared.

We see this all the time here. The main flight path of these spray jets over Van Nuys, CA is NW to SE, and visa versa.

This same arching path is used consistently to pollute our sky here, no matter what altitude these jets fly at, or the temperature, or the humidity. They do use other flight paths, but the big arc over our valley is the most consistent and very obvious. Even on the hottest and driest of days with extremely low humidity we are sprayed all day and night.

On many occasions, especially during the summer months, the only clouds in the sky are created by these jets. Many of us have witnessed and recorded chemtrail jets and contrails jets follow each other in the exact same flight path just moments apart, on many occasions.

The two jets in this video are not your standard everyday private or commercial jets. They ascended and descended at far too steep an angle to comply with FAA rules and regulations.

The evidence is overwhelming now folks.

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