Corona on Trial - Explosive and Exclusive!

The following video link is an extract from a videoconference between Dr. Vladmir Zelenko and a Beth Din (rabbinical court) | Estimated date: July 2021[1]

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Dr Zelenko nous dit tout sur le Covid et l'acharnement vaccinal. Accrochez vous, c'est dur !![2]


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Dr. VladmirZelenko[2] (, is known to have treated thousands of patients with a protocol similar to that of Prof. Didier Raoult.[3]

Just as Dr. Raoult was able to successfully treat the "gratin Français", Dr. Zelenko had the opportunity to treat, among others: Rudy Giuliani, Rabbi Haïm Kanievsky, Rabbi Litzman (former Minister of Health of Israel ) and Bolsonaro (President of Brazil). He is also known to be behind Trump's executive order on the alkalizing compound known as Hydroxychloroquine.[4]

[American's Frontline Doctors Press Conference on Hydroxycloroquine -]

ATTENTION: what you are about to see, read and hear is beyond comprehension, the worst scenarios are mentioned in Dr, Zekenko's interview and what some would call "conspiracy theories" are NOW becoming conspiracy FACT!

To learn more about viruses vaccines and the germ or viral theory and how to prevent and protect yourself and your family, watch the following video interview of Dr. Robert O Young, Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr, Carrie Madej on The Carnicom Disclosure Project Update, August 6th, 2021.[5]






[4] Ghazy, R.M., Almaghraby, A., Shaaban, R. et al. A systematic review and meta-analysis on chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine as monotherapy or combined with azithromycin in COVID-19 treatment. Sci Rep10, 22139 (2020).