Corona Virus Truth SOLVED - Largest Global Cover Up In History Since 9/11

S ecret

M ilitarised

A rmaments in

R esidential

T echnology

Smart grid, a type of matrix, is being developed through global 5G rollout to connect all devices and be controlled by AI.

Vodafone in partnership with Huawei and others to roll out 5G technology.

5G is a very high frequency, just below the classification of a weapon. When the frequency of 5G comes into connection with the human body it causes cell poisoning through radiation.

The body's reaction is to excrete the poisons with some protein and DNA, in the form of a virus.

These are excreted/expunged through body orifices such as the nose and mouth etc.

So, the power of 5G, which is 10 times stronger than 4G is reacting adversely with cells, causing cells in the body to be poisoned, becoming toxic. The natural defence mechanism is to push the toxic substances out in the form of a virus.

So, what you are seeing is not coronavirus per se but cell poisoning manifesting with fluids, chemicals and virus fragments.

It's a reaction of human bodies to the electrification of the universe through 5G satellites, 5G towers and cells being populated in cities around the world.

This is what's causing the pandemic!

This is the largest global cover up in history!

Wuhan was one of the first to roll out 5G. 130,000 5G base stations were in place across China by the end of 2019. By 2020, major cities including Beijing and Shanghai had coverage.

It takes about 6 months for the effects of 5G to impact your physical body

China, Spain then Italy rolled out 5G last year.

The number of fatalities is related to the amount of 5G penetration in these countries.

Italy is densely populated with 5G and the older generation doesn't have the immune system to fight it. Most major cities have now rolled it out around the world.

It is clearly categorically unequivocally and scientifically proven that the radio frequencies we are being exposed to is what is killing the people.

Cruise ships were installed with 5G. Hospitals have 5G. Major cities have 5G. Airports have 5G. These are places where people will automatically get sick when they are exposed to the inordinate levels of radiation of 5G.

There were 3 pandemics in the last 120 years.

The first in 1918, the Spanish Flu pandemic. This was when they implemented radio waves globally and increased the electrification of the planet. Millions of people died 6 months later.

Just after WW2, another pandemic which was after the implementation of radar equipment globally and satellites.

The last major pandemic was in 1968, the Hong Kong flu. They rolled out another level of satellite penetration in the Van Allen belt, with over 100,000 satellites that were transmitting radar field signals into the cosmic field. Satellites pushing telecommunications and radar communication. And now 5G has been rolled out with the same effect of killing people around the world.

And it's being covered up in the name of coronavirus. That is a fact.

Russia has had no fatalities from coronavirus. Why? because they have not implemented 5G for public use yet. They've only implemented it for the exclusive use of the military.

So just to confirm this, when young people with no disease or immunological problems start dying then you know its from 5G radiation.

The testing process for CV is a cover to spread the virus so that when they are testing you for it, it gives them an opportunity to contaminate you with it. This is to cover up the deaths from excessive 5G frequency radiation when implemented.

Why would they do this?

Apart from the intent to provide an all reaching technology for a robust system to establish the internet of things and link everything together,

The reason for this is because they are implementing three new strategies.

1. Vaccines - they have toxins in them but also have chemicals that will light you up to respond even more powerfully to the signals. The chemicals in the vaccine will enable the frequency of 5G to be more effective in creating more fatalities. So they are buying time to convert the hospitals and facilities into huge mortuaries to house the millions of people that are going to die. We are electromagnetic beings, so we react to frequencies and vibrations, electromagnetic energy. Frequencies affect our sense of well being and we all emit frequencies through our heart and mind.

2. Vaccines will come with a tracking device RFID chip. This will give them the ability to track us and see who's had a vaccine.

3. Introduction to the implementation of a global digital currency. They are expediting this rapidly because of the esoteric awakening. They are shutting global economies down to introduce a new level of oligopolies for everything we purchase. Make as many people as possible unemployed. Bringing the new block chain global digital currency which we will not have access to unless we receive the chip and vaccine.

The strategy is to ultimately control money and population.

Shut down worship, places of worship and praying etc is to get ready to bring in the antichrist. We emanate electromagnetic frequencies when we pray and meditate and bring in spiritual frequencies so they are paving the way to shut this down to bring in the antichrist. Dismantling of ability for religious people to pray and worship because it changes the spiritual atmosphere that they can have more power.

The best thing we can do now is to raise our frequency. Live clean, live righteously, and remove and detox our body, fasting, which helps our electromagnetic flow. Intermittent fasting strengthens our immune system which strengthens our electromagnetic flow.

We need to share this information and reinvest in knowledge.