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Could C4ISR be used for a eugenics programme?

“I would suggest that UN, NATO and WHO are engaged globally in a mass eugenics programme of genocide; not just involving the use of pharmaceutical and recreation drugs, vaccines, war, famine and natural disasters but also [C4ISR],” one of our readers writes.

C4ISR stands for Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance. It is a concept that refers to the integration of various systems and technologies to provide a comprehensive and effective means of gathering, processing and disseminating information to support military operations.

Yesterday, one of our readers left a comment under one of our articles.  However, the comment was over the limit for the number of words permitted in comments so it was automatically blocked from being posted.  As it is an interesting read and worthy of consideration and discussion, we have copied her comment and reproduced it below.

We have not made any attempt to verify or validate the claims made in her comment, but our reader, Nichole, provided links to source information for those who would like to dig a little deeper for themselves.  We have made some minor edits for readability purposes and added a diagram (hopefully the correct one) from a patent mentioned in her comment.

By Nichole

For context, Nichole was responding to our article ‘Eugenics is quietly returning; what does this mean for future humans?

This new eugenics comes along when we have decades of evidence of Nazi Operation Paperclip scientific research in carrying out a secret eugenics programme using stolen Tesla technology. It is a weaponised system being used globally around the world and has been for some time.  No government will do anything when the citizens report this.

It comes under names like non-lethal weapons, less than lethal, emerging technologies, directed energy weapons and no touch torture that every government signed onto. Five Eyes countries are suspected of using this on its citizens.

With the rollout of 5G and 6G, we are now seeing more and more countries making all sorts of claims of full spectrum dominance. That will mean that they can locate and kill anyone and anything on the planet.  It is being called C4ISR and boasts of controlling everything in space, the sea and the ground using SIGINT satellite technology and sensing-based methods as outlined in an FAA PFAN TRAC patent, and other patents since that first one expired.

In that patent, we human beings are referred to as “wet ware.” Illustrations show a targeted person can be tracked and beamed by any entity listed in the emergency matrix system. These may all have sensors to be able to find the targeted person, this is also being reported by the targeted individuals of this system in communities all around the globe.

Two basic free wheeling terrestrial platforms.  FIG. 22 This diagram shows two basic variations to terrestrial PFNs. The 1SV PFN/TRAC controller/router shown here for the air travel industry and the DRC PFN/TRAC unit for the automotive industry development. The 1SV PFN and DRC unit in the illustration is universally discussed for future versions of both and to better explain the progression and entire set of innovations applied in this figure. As sections are discussed the progressive development to this protected robust robotics and remote controller/router for all land vehicles will unfold. For regular automotive applications the PFN has been termed the DRC meaning Driver Resource Centre. DRC PFNs in cars and trucks have a little different commercial progression than the industrial 1SV PFNs (like for an airport intranet or local matrix). They also may have different wireless technologies interfaced. Source: Google Patents US6965816B2 (Expired 22 April 2023)

This technology masks behind different names just like eugenics has, and I would suggest that the UN, NATO and WHO are engaged globally in a mass eugenics programme of genocide; not just involving the use of pharmaceutical and recreation drugs, vaccines, war, famine and natural disasters but also this technology.

The technology fits right in line with the intentions of the eugenicists who founded OSS (now CIA), NATO, UN and WHO along with other agencies and organisations like Carnegie and Rockefeller.

NATO and each of these entities have had eugenicists heading them. What Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus and Bill Gates have in common is that these various “isms” often come with programmes of genocide.  Those in power in these regimes have carried out genocide of certain groups under all these different ideologies that ultimately are satanic in origin. It has been said repeatedly throughout history that these political paradigms have origins in satanism and luciferianism. We must understand that none of these things have ever amounted to any good.

Going back to the topic of the C4ISR, various whistle-blowers over the years have come forward acknowledging that this weapon system is capable of killing a whole community of people or it can target single individuals. During WWII various experiments were carried out on pregnant women to see how much damage could be caused to an infant in the womb potentially with the use of frequency-based weaponry. So, this is something that has been happening silently.

Because this technology is invisible and can be easily denied as the culprit and attributed instead to poor genetics etc. it can be used to target certain persons to cause what might be referred to as familial genetic conditions that are passed down from mother to infant. And no one would know because these weapons are invisible.

This is what we are dealing with and have been, actually, without our knowledge. And now after getting us all to bring computers and wi-fi into our homes, communities and schools, they have us carrying around these weaponised devices. And it just so happens that people have been reporting symptoms that match up perfectly with decades-old studies.  These studies showed that frequency-based technologies caused biological health effects/  However, they simply deny this.

It is also being used for strategic cognitive, neuro and electronic warfare. Many doctors have an awareness that frequency-based technologies cause the diseases and conditions that our medical establishment and even our media refuse to acknowledge might be the cause.  Conditions that are not some new development of increased hereditary conditions but could in fact be connected to wireless frequency-based technologies and weapons systems.

Now, this technology evidently has the capability as well of gene editing and gene slicing that, not surprisingly, Bill Gates is very interested in as a eugenicist (let’s call him what he really is).

Gates was schooled by eugenicist Henry Kissinger. Anyone who is in intelligence we may now simply call them a eugenicist, if they came out of Henry Kissinger’s young leaders programme or Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders programme.

I would suggest that anyone who was in government when NSSM 200 went into effect and was associated with any Rockefeller or Rothschild, were eugenicists. And that most likely includes Zbigniew Brzezinski.  Brzezinski was a war-mongering technocrat who, like Bill Gates and other eugenicist military, intelligence, banking or corporation stooges. had an uncanny ability to predict murder, mayhem and disaster around the globe.

I am pretty sure that war, famine, disease and natural disasters were outlined in that memo and have been used to carry out what is outlined in NSSM 200 and that the UN and WHO likewise have done the same – but they hide behind philanthropic issues like public health, climate and poverty disaster prevention measures.



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