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COVID-19 insanity: Jacinda Ardern locks down entire country of New Zealand over ONE “case” of covid…

(Natural News) A single “case” of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) – meaning one person tested “positive” with a fraudulent PCR test – has sent the entire country of New Zealand into a total lockdown.

Corrupt tyrant Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s prime minister, imposed a strict lockdown that is set to last for at least three days after an older man was declared to have Chinese Germs inside his body, supposedly putting others at risk. Ardern is demanding that her country’s “team of five million,” meaning its entire population, do their part to help “flatten the curve” of this one single case of the Fauci Flu by obeying her orders.

“We have seen what happens elsewhere if we fail to get on top of it,” Ardern declared. “We only get one chance.”

In Auckland, where the “infected” man lives, Ardern’s lockdown will last for at least a week while “health experts” probe for more information about how he contracted the disease. News of the nationwide lockdown sent the country into a total panic as people rushed grocery stores and bought out their stocks to avoid running dry. The New Zealand dollar also took a sharp nosedive following the news.

Is Jacinda Ardern trying to decimate New Zealand’s economy over one covid case?

New Zealand’s last “outbreak” of the Wuhan Flu was detected back in February, and no new cases have been identified since – until now. This one single case threatens to completely decimate the country’s economy, depending on how long the lockdowns last.

Ardern’s use of the word “at least” to describe the duration of the lockdowns bodes ominous, especially after governments around the world promised back in early 2020 that those lockdowns would only last “two weeks” in order to flatten the curve. Because of the really scary “delta” variant, Ardern and others like her claim that much harsher measures need to be imposed to ensure that it stops spreading as quickly as possible.

Interestingly, New Zealand has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the world, with only 18 percent of its people “fully vaccinated.” Some 32 percent have received one dose of the injections. Despite that, no new cases of Chinese Germs have been seen in New Zealand for months, suggesting that there is no need to vaccinate people at all if covid was already eradicated.

As the country has been pushing more people to get vaccinated, however, now pops up this one new case. Could it be that the infected man received his first or second shot and is now sick from it?

The news media is unclear as to the man’s vaccination status, but the rumor is that he probably has the “delta” variant, even though there is currently no available test for it. We do know that the man had just arrived in New Zealand from abroad, meaning he may have “caught” the disease while traveling and brought it back to his native country.

Since the “pandemic” began, only 26 people who were said to be infected with the Wuhan Flu have died in New Zealand. This hardly counts as public health emergency as more people die from choking on lettuce, probably, than catch and die from covid.

For now, New Zealanders are being told that they can only leave their homes to buy groceries or exercise. They are not allowed to interact with others outside of their own households and will have to wait to get vaccinated as the country’s vaccination program is currently suspended as part of the lockdown.

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