‘COVID-19’ or the ‘DELTA-MUTANT’ is nothing but GRAPHENE OXIDE, provided free of charge by the state

The truth will come out and the liars destroyed. Anyone who claims that the message below is “fake news” is spreading it themselves. Acting on orders for money and thereby keeping the world population ignorant, sick to death and ultimately ruined is a full confession of genocide. They have to be very careful now, that “BUTCHER’s GUILD THE HAGUE”. No one gets away with this with impunity, although sometimes it seems so, when you look at the Chief of the GUILD, laughing his arse off as always….


It is literally WAR!

As we have already established, there is a war being fought against humanity. Invisible, because the war is being fought in everyone’s own (?) body. A war on a microscopic level. Only through the right antidote can a world catastrophe be averted. The war in our bodies is one battle; ruthlessy eradicating the warmoners, instigators and financiers must be the final battle.

Investigators of La Quinta Columna (The Fifth Pillar) founded by Ricardo Delgado, have done exhaustive research to find out exactly what is in the “vaccines” that supposedly protects us from this SARS-CoV-2, so that we do not get this so-called COVID-19 or one of its mysteroius mutants. It was concluded that this is absolutely not a “virus,” but rather Graphene Oxide, a nano technology developed by science, initiated and funded by the Pentagon. By means of the non-effective masks, the worthless PCR test, the fake antigen test, but by inhalation and through the “vaccines”, an attempt is being made to inject humanity with this nano technology in every possible and impossible way. It is also likely to be spread through the food- and drinking water chains. The flu shots of 2018 and 2019 were probably already poisoned with GO. With governments, worldwide, rolling out the 5G network like mad during the first lockdowns, and testing it, the oxidation of Graphene oxide is being progressively stimulated inside the body. For a reason masts are placed and installed/tested around hospitals and medical care centers, retirement houses as well as on rooftops of virtually all schools. The most vulnerable are those over 65, because after that age the antidote, the reserves of natural antioxidants deminishes rapidly. Once the balance oxidants – antioxidants tips in favor of the former, people get COVID-19. The medical mafia puts patients willingly on life support instead of administering antioxidants in the form of N-acetylcysteine.

COVID-19 has all the hallmarks of the complications that occur when there is an internal imbalance between oxidants and antioxidants. And this is caused, simply put, by two processes:

1. The natural process (aging) and/or vitamin D deficiency; 2. The unnatural process, i.e., the administration of graphene oxide.

The first cases occurred not by accident in Wuhan, the first “smart city” in China. Suddenly people were falling unconscious in the streets there and countless people became inexplicably ill. The WHO – with China as the main sponsor – declared the pandemic at the end of January 2020. Caused by a “virus” of course; virusses are historically alway the coverup for the real cause. Not entirely coincidentally, in China the population was massively vaccinated with the legally mandated flu shot in October/November 2019. This shot most likely contained Graphene oxide. In Wuhan, the 5G network was activated around the end of November 2019 and – probably after several test phases though “trial and error method”- in the correct frequency of about 42.5 GHz, causing the nano technology to resonate and accelerate the oxidation process in humans with all its consequences. That’s not the common flu, it is not COVID-19, nor is it pneumonia. It is pure poisoning by the “government and medical mafia” facilitated by a collaborating press, corrupt science and profit-seeking big industrialists. Be it patent holders, PCR test manufacturers, mask manufacturers or the “Vaccine” industry.

Complicit, ALL of them!

With the declaration of the pandemic, total war has been directly declared upon the world population.