Covid-19 patients dying from environmental pollution NOT from a virus!

Dr Zach Bush describes his discovery and the physiological process in an interview with Sacha Stone

Hospital patients are not dying from lung diseases caused by COVID-19 but from hystotoxic hypoxia caused by the significant chemicalisation of our food system and explosion in air pollution.

Glyphosate (Roundup) introduced through Genetically Modified (GM) crops blocks the production of specific amino acids that are building blocks for specific proteins. One of the proteins is a gene that produces an enzyme that "cuts up" the DNA of viral genomics. Glyphosate disrupts the production of this protein. So we lose the enzyme control mechanism and homeostasis or balance of this virus and our genome is disrupted.

An explosion in air pollution in pockets around the world like Wuhan China and other cities, particularly Northern Italy and New York is also correlated to the increased deaths which have been attributed to COVID-19. This virus and the influenza virus bind to carbon particulates and clump to PM2.5 air pollution. The mechanism is well known as with cyanide poisoning an could also be involving other chemicals through air pollution.

It's not "social distancing" or the wearing of masks that has resulted in significant declines in deaths from COVID-19 but the dramatic drops in PM2.5 air pollution around the world from the enforced lock downs.

Those that died from the virus were mostly cardiovascular patients, diabetics and those with end stage kidney failure. Not lung patients as you would expect.

They all had a common factor which was that they all got put on the same two drugs, a statin and an angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor (ACE2) - blood pressure medication. These two drugs both up regulate the ACE2 receptor in the lungs for this virus. They died from histotoxic hypoxia, which is the inability of cells to take up or use oxygen from the bloodstream, despite physiologically normal delivery of oxygen to such cells and tissues. Essentially, the same thing as being poisoned.