Patrick O'Carroll

The Koch Problem

COVID has never been isolated and was never shown to fulfill Koch's Postulates.

The very first requirement for detecting a "new disease" is the fulfillment of Koch's Postulates, which CIA-censored WickedPedia details here:'s_postulates

The Headcount Problem

A pandemic is defined as a disease that causes a HUGE rise in deaths. In the USA, 1 in 114 persons die in car accidents but no US puppetician has ever seen fit to lock down the population for its "protection" after labeling car accidents an "epidemic" or a "pandemic".

The mortality rate for COVID patients aged over 50 is 1 in 19.1 million. In younger people, the probability of dying from COVID is much lower than that. And that means that the UN's Worst Health Organization (WHO) was WRONG to label COVID a "pandemic".

The Lockdown Problem

There was no reason to lock down healthy people, and this has never happened before in all of human history except for criminals who got jailed. The health of those healthy people who were subjected to a lockdown has now been largely impaired by the lockdown, and demonstrably so.

Hospitals were forced to cancel operations in favor of responding to COVID and that killed even more healthy people. The response to COVID is now proven to have killed much more people than the supposed virus itself. The puppeticians who declared lockdowns need to have their heads examined and, for the protection of the public, need to be locked up.

The Test Problem

Because COVID has never been isolated or shown to fulfill Koch's Postulates, there is no reliable test for it. Medical experts and the inventor of the PCR Test say that the PCR Test is flawed. For that reason, medical doctors are diagnosing people as a "COVID sufferer" on the basis a list of symptoms, like for a "psychiatric" "disease". And just as one psychiatrist can "diagnose" you as crazy when another psychiatrist would "diagnose" you as normal, two different medical doctors can give you a different COVID status (sufferer or non-sufferer) because all white-coats are using a list of symptoms.

The Mask Problem

Wearing your muzzle makes you look even more like a tin-hat-wearing conspiracy theorist. All people who watch mainstream news believe in conspiracy theories, like the one about the 19 Muslim hijackers with box-cutters. Medical experts say that wearing a muzzle does not protect from a virus given that virus particles are smaller than the holes in the muzzle. Note: Most virus species are one-hundredth the size of most bacteria. So, just as you cannot stop mosquitoes using chicken-wire, you cannot stop viruses by wearing a muzzle.

On the contrary, the muzzle is bound to reduce your oxygen levels and impair your health because you keep breathing back in all the things the Good Lord intended you to exhale. Major illness can result from wearing a muzzle for extended periods. Essentially, your satanic owners are having a laugh at you by getting you to wear a muzzle since it is very well-known to be a satanic ritual as shown in the satanic Freemasonic-Initiation scenes of the 1972 movie Sleuth.

The Existence Problem

Furthermore, US doctor Tim O'Shea offered a reward for the first scientific proof that COVID-19 even exists, but so far, no one has even claimed the reward.

The Bottom Line



If you passed, then count yourself as a dignified sheep. If you failed, then count yourself as a silly goat.

If you still believe COVID is "real", then please first provide PROOF-OF-CLAIM without quoting Zionist sources, and second realize that your IQ is no longer what it once might have been.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that people who move to California lose 2 IQ points per year while living in California, especially if they employ the Zionist-controlled mainstream-media as their main source of "reliable" "information".