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Creepy Clown Show

Ohhhhh it’s just so embarrassing to look back at these minions trying to take themselves seriously as they roll out a untested whack that is has ended up injuring and killing untold amounts of Aussies.

It’s so convenient that we now have a real catastrophe to divert everyone’s attention from what these people have actually done;

mobilised all available resources for the death jab…

and done an appalling job during what is arguably the largest disaster in Aus history.

In the last 8 days,

have we seen a press conference from this creepy clown to help coordinate the efforts here?


Have we had a state of emergency declared?


In 8 days have I seen one ADF dispatch and coordination centre pop up to assist volunteers?

No, no and no.

One again…

everyone is being revealed for who and what they are and who and what they really serve.

It sure as hell is not us, the people.

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