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CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY – Nano Engines In the COVID-19 Tests?

Two PCR tests were retrieved (from the Boston area) and conducted an analysis. Here is what they found.

The PCR swabs contain several chemicals for DNA harvesting and conservation plus a dozen nano-technology devices.

These include 2-way GPS chips with WiFi microwave ability. These bots are more advanced than the rice size RFID chips and are the size of a grain of salt.

There are six (6) types of nano devices in each swab. One device smells people’s noses and runs the result through a spectrometer. Half the devices are mobile and can migrate to either the brain or the retina. All have nano-microphones with microwave interface. They are designed to see what we see and know what we are thinking as well as control hormonal secretions that affect our emotions. They have voice to skull capability as well as synthetic telepathy.

The body feeds these electrical devices. The nano devices are sensitive to EMPs and can be destroyed by 900 watts.

Our current communications grid system is powerful enough to send and receive transmissions to these devices, but 5G is needed to maximize efficiency.

The materials used in both the PCR tests and vaccines include aluminum, titanium, gold and silver.

PCR tests technologies have already been used in top secret programs.

We already have doctors like Dr. Carrie Madej making videos presenting this info so it is verified by several doctors.

Check out the frightening videos below

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