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CURES FOR COVID-19 – Revealed By World Leading Medical Experts

COVID-19 is not a death sentence, because there are cures for covid. Coronaviruses have existed for many decades and SARS-CoV-2 is just one of them. The term ‘novel’ coronavirus doesn’t mean it’s a brand new pathogen, but it simply means that this is the next coronavirus in a series of many coronaviruses that have been around for a very long time. They are all categorized as influenza or flu viruses, which can be treated successfully. This report shows an overview of scientifically proven cures or treatments for COVID-19. Everyone of these treatments is used by many thousands of medical doctors worldwide, and is backed by extensive scientific research. They are advised by some of the world’s leading scientific minds.

There is for example professor Didier Raoult, the world’s leading expert on infectious diseases, whose protocol is used by countless physicians worldwide, saving millions of lives. There is also the biophysicist Andreas Kalcker, the world’s authority on chlorine dioxide, a substance which is used by over five thousand physicians to cure covid patients. Then there is Professor McCullough who is the most published scientist in his field of expertise, who provided early treatment for COVID-19 to about 25% of all covid patients in the United States. We also have Dr Pierre Kory whose group of scientists have published over 2,000 peer reviewed scientific papers and who succesfully treated innumerous covid patients.

Why don't most people know about cures for COVID-19?

We have to ask ourselves the important question why the cures for covid are not massively promoted by the news media, or by the so called ‘health organizations’.

99,99% of all covid deaths could easily have been prevented, if only the people were allowed treatment with one of these drugs. At the end of this report you can read stories of medical doctors all over the world who were literally forbidden by the government to treat covid patients. These physicians were censored, slandered and even threatened, simply because they used their medical expertise to save the lives of patients. Also the above mentioned world leaders in medicine are being slandered all over the internet. Why is this happening? Shouldn't scientists who have solutions for a world health crisis be allowed to share their answer to humanity?

Make sure to read this report to the end, so you see what is going on, and you learn how to protect yourself.

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