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DARPA's Doctor Death In Wuhan For Years Before Outbreak - Part One

University of Florida Connections Abound With Ukrainian Alchem Scientists

George Webb

DARPA Doctor Michael Callahan has had a Harvard professorship diplomatic cover in Wuhan since 2005.

By March 2020, I had been writing about DARPA’s Virus Vaccine game for four years. The idea was simple. DARPA was given the job of taking all the old bioagents of the old Soviet Union, and in a series of controlled releases around the world, create the “emergency” Manhattan projects to create vaccines for those bioagents. I knew the agency, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), thanks to my ex-cop research partner I nicknamed Task Force.

DARPA’s Michael Callahan was tasked with turning old Soviet bioagents into profitable vaccines CIA insiders. mRNA vaccines were the result.

DARPA Doctor Michael Callahan in Soviet bioweapons facility in Novosibirsk in 2004. His DARPA assignment was to design a series of “live exercises”, virus releases, that would result in a series of pandemic panics. Pandemic panics led to Congressional funding for vaccine development at DTRA at Ft. Belvoir.

I also knew where to look - Fort Belvoir in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. My research partner Task Force knew to look there too. Both she and I developed whistleblowers there at Ft. Belvoir. I believe four of them are still alive to this day.

Journalist George Webb has visited all of the key Army Forts and Hospitals involved in vaccine testing as well as bioagent development.

But I didn’t know the names of the key players of DARPA and DTRA running these live exercises. The September 2019 Live Exercise for CoronaVirus would end all doubts. Those individuals were Dr. Michael Callahan at DARPA and Dr. Robert Malone on behalf of DTRA.

Michael Callahan is transferred from USCG/NATO Ship Pike To Grand Princess Cruise Ship on March 8th, 2020. The WHO declared CoronaVirus an international pandemic three days later after passengers are found spreading CoronaVirus.

Yes, Michael Callahan always seems to be in the heart of disasters, much like arsonists always seem to be able to predict fires. He was put in charge of no less than six old Soviet Union weapons sites in 2002 with his DARPA bioagents to vaccine projects including the massive VECTOR center which was the nexus for the Soviet Biopreparat bioweapons program.

After the explosion on September 16th, 2019, Dr. Michael Callahan may have been invited to China to track the toxic plume created on the Russia-China border.

I always enjoyed the story of his old office exploding on the sixth floor of the main executive building on September 16th, 2019, just before the outbreak of COVID (SARS-2) in China. President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order the next day for mRNA development of a universal flu vaccine.

VECTOR, the headquarters of the BioPreparat Soviet bioagent program, exploded on September 16th, 2019, just before the outbreak of CoronaVirus in China. The Star about the Hammer and Sickle, in the town of Koltsovo, is the location of the VECTOR HQ.

Key silicon nanoparticles from the VEKTOR Biopreparat program may have been found near six hospitals near the Wuhan Seafood Market and a cluster of six hospitals, a telltale fingerprint back to the Russian lab.

Michael Callahan was in charge of six different, old Soviet bioweapons facilities including VECTOR and nearby Bersk.

I have occasionally referred to this clockwork-like spread of attenuated Soviet viruses as a “Clockwork Orange”, where I attribute the initial military deployment of these bioagents to the Afghan War and a group called Task Group Orange.

Author George Webb wrote about JSOC whistleblowers who reported that bioagents from the old Soviet Union had been attenuated and used in Afghanistan, possibly against US troops trained by Pakistani ISI operatives interested in extending the war. These books cover these battlefield agents being used against the US population with a variety of nanoparticle tracers being used.

(To Be Continued)

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