top of page predicts up to 80% population culled by 2025 in countries where White Europeans live

REMINDER: 80% of the population DEAD in 2025

Deagel, an intelligence organization for the US government, predicts a massive 50-80% global depopulation by 2025. Despite the overwhelming removal of its significance, WikiLeaks documents revealed that Deagel was legitimately used as a reference material in a Stratfor report on the technological capabilities of the North Korea.

United States - 327 million => 100 million

France - 67 million => 39 million

England - 66 million => 15 million

Australia - 23 million => 15 million

Germany - 81 million => 28 million

Canada - 36 million => to 26 million

Projections were made in 2017. To make matters even stranger, a statement on Deagel's predictions page apparently claims that a large portion of the population movements are due to suicide. These predictions feels more and more real every don't they?

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