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Defaming Israel: Charlie Kirk floats theory Netanyahu let Hamas slaughter Jews to consolidate power

From Zeee Media,

"Very interesting situation here, folks.

Charlie Kirk appeared on a Podcast with Patrick Bet-David recently where they discussed the Middle East. Charlie Kirk is and always has been a staunch supporter of Israel, however poised a very reasonable question which only took up approx. 2 minutes of the entire chat (over an hour).

He alluded to the fact that Israel needed to answer for its alleged “intelligence failure,” and explain what is clearly impossible - how Hamas managed to infiltrate such an advanced military as Israel’s.

He has also since spoken out against Israeli’s bombing of a church.

Since this Podcast however, the MSM has waged a full-scale war on Kirk, with rumours circling that lobby groups are demanding he is removed as the head of Turning Point USA."


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