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Detoxing After Exposure to V Shedding

Detoxing After Exposure

You made it through the pandemic, the lockdowns, and mandates without taking the jab. Congratulations! But the next thing you know, your sick as a dog and the only difference was that hug or handshake from a vaccinated friend. You may have been exposed to the shedding of spiked proteins that are duplicating within your friend’s body and leaking through their skin.

You feel awful but don’t worry. There is a remedy for that. Try this simple bath soak to draw toxic protiens out of your body.


Detox Recipe

2 cups 20 Mule Team Borax

1 cup Himalayan Salt

1 cup Epsom Salt

1 cup Baking Soda

Instructions: Put all the salts and powder into the tub, then put the hottest water you can tolerate. Get into the tub and fill it while in the tub. Just like a frog when starting out with cool water and gradually heating the water to a boil. One will get use to the heat, and you can tolerate hotter water as your body acclimates to the higher temperatures.

The salts and powders will draw out toxins. Stay in the tub as long as it is comfortable for you. You may be amazed as the bath water changes color before your very eyes. That’s your proof that it’s working.

Options: Essential Oils – The following oils break all four vax proteins to nullify their effects and boost the immune system.

They can be applied behind the ear, on the wrist or ankles, or in the navel for overall distribution into the body. Apply at bedtime to insure it won’t be washed off.

Pine, Bay Laurel, Cedar, Patchouli ( for skin lesions), Niaouli or Ravensara.

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