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Did the CIA Create the Vaccine?!

This video gets into it deep!

Pfizer board of director, Former FDA Scott Gottlieb led him to a BioTek company called Resilience.

The CEO of In-Q-Tel Chris Darby who is in charge of the CIA's investment management group is also on the website of Resilience. Resilience partnered with Moderna in 2021. Whitney Webb reported in 2022 in this company. When you go to USA spending . gov and look up contracts you can see Resilience is being funded by the Government (142 Mil since back to 2013 and more).

They are also known by 7 other names, Nanosphere, Nanotherapeutics, etc.. Strange part is the website address for Resilience is different than the site "Higher gov . com (where you see what gov services they are associated with).

They are even funded by the Department of Defense.

So, is your Government trying to kill you?

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