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Did You Know?

Michael's Musings:

For those who are still in denial.

Did you know that the highly infectious tuberculosis kills about 1.5 million people every year? No masks, no pandemic . . . ?

Did you know that from CDC data, 2020 has the lowest weekly death rate in a decade - so far? Although some of this lower death rate may be due to a reporting lag, that lag is likely too small to explain the lower weekly death rate in 2020 than in previous years.

Did you know that in Australia since the Shut Down there have been approximately twice as many deaths by suicide than by covid-19

Did you know that over 500 doctors in Germany made the following statement regarding covid-19? "We have a lot of evidence that it's a fake story all over the world."

Did you know that in 1998 a small group of nasty people decided that the common coronavirus would be the best for genetic engineering?

Did you know that in 2009 the first patents were applied for covid-19.

Oh yes, we have a pandemic all right . . . a pandemic of fear.

And so began the attempted global takeover. The only reason most governments in the world become mindless zombies under the control of the W.H.O is because the W.H.O declared it a 'pandemic'. That was a masterstroke.

Australia leads in their mindless conditioned subservience to the controllers who plan to break our economy. Yet, at the same time they are attempting, to some extent, to maintain it.

Each one of us has to determine the direction of our lives. A continued denial is not a future that I would want. Nor is a fear focus going to help. We each need to be informed, be open, be strong, and make choices that honour us.

Sadly, this is beyond the mass consciousness.

And this is what 'they' aim to control . . . the good, kind people that make up our mass consciousness.

Yet these people who mindlessly conform also ask, "Why doesn't somebody do something?!"

I am in no doubt that Love/Light will win. I am in no doubt that Great Change awaits us.

But WE are the Change. Stand up and be counted. Do NOT give way to anger.

CONSCIOUSLY . . . choose Love!

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