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Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, Hemophilus B and Hepatitis B Vaccine For Small Children: Dark

Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, Hemophilus B and Hepatitis B Vaccine For Small Children: Darkfield Microscopy Shows Self Assembly Hydrogel Filaments And Structures

SEP 1, 2023

I recently got reported to the State Medical Licensing Board again and am now once again under investigation. There are people in this world who want to destroy hope and all those who bring truth and healing. Of course, they will get to live in a hopeless world of automatons by their own making.

The idea of being investigated again, when I have been through every battle for humanity you can imagine, including attempts on my life to silence me, actually makes me mad.

I have never succumbed to lies, deception, bribery, fame, money, and have kept my own integrity through all of this, saving lives and healing people dutifully and at great personal cost - because this is what I wished to do in my soul. I never cared for what other people thought this weapon was, I always knew the real enemy was weaponized nanotechnology and synthetic biology - and I have provided consistent evidence for this. The idea, that people who have supported the criminal genocidal roll out of these C19 bioweapons, are going to judge if I have done something for which my medical license should be questioned… is repugnant to me at this time of this drawn out, self evident battle. Even the idea of taking my boards again from the American Board of Internal Medicine this year - which I have kept with excellent record for twenty years, was also too much for me. Knowing they had intimidated doctors to give genocidal bioweapons disqualified this organization in my eyes to certify anything about my medical performance status. I chose to become certified via the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons instead. I have no respect for doctors complicit in genocide.

This substack is evidence and ammunition, it is my sword of TRUTH, my contribution to the survival of our species. I am not some cowardly doctor who sold their soul for money, but a fierce warrior at heart. I have always loved my patients, my healing practice and given my heart and soul to improve peoples lives. Anyone critical of my work I would simply say - try walking in my shoes and see how well you would have done. Then you can comment…if you are just someone who has watched others risk their lives for freedom from the sidelines - your opinion is meaningless.

I absolutely support peoples choice to see allopathic doctors within the system and take every vaccine they wish. Just do not destroy the few doctors who want to care for people who do not want to be poisoned by the military industrial pharma complex and turned into remote controlled mindless cyborgs.

Imagine a mama bear, and someone wants to hurt her cubs, which are my people, my patients. People who do not like my research and information want to threaten my right to take care of freethinking people. Additionally, they want to take away their right and option to get great medical care from a doctor with integrity - someone who actually heals people. That is such a crime in this day and age!

So, I thought, lets give the medical commission something more to look at - on top of the more than 300 articles I have already written. Here is a “vaccine” that these people of the medical establishment mandate to inject into little children. I have shown others and will show more - now that you know what I am mad about - please indulge my articles even though their results obviously are redundant. It does not matter what is written on the label, the same self assembly nanotechnology is in all of them. I am making a point. They can try to investigate and even persecute me, but there will be a day of justice. One day my evidence will be used in trials of Crimes against Humanity. Beware. Mama bears do not give up. They become only more ferocious when you attack them.

Diphtheria and Tetanus Toxoids, Acellular Pertussis, inactivated Poliovirus, Hemophilus B Conjugate and Hepatitis B Vaccine for children

This shot has created an enormous amount of filaments and structures in a short amount of time.

Here is the initial view, similar findings as the previous Prevnar, coagulated particulate matter that appears to be similar to the hydrogel substance we know.

After a few minutes classic hydrogel filaments are seen that have self assembled:

You can see very small nanobots/ Quantum dots that are mobile and moving extremely fast:

Here are more photo images, very small spheres and blinking lights can be seen

Other coagulated hydrogel:

Huge filament growth, exactly what we see in the blood:

Classic self assembly hydrogel filaments:

Spherical construction sites of hydrogel:

Polymer mesh like pattern also evolved:

Here are the similar hydrogel mesh network development that I see in the blood. This developed over time in the vaccine, was not present at initial observation.

Here is a comparison to live blood analysis and transformation into rubbery clot hydrogel. The spheres get larger and larger and their material build the mesh.

This is the Diphtheria vaccine with a classical hydrogel with many quantum dot like structures that have assembled.

This is what it looks like in human blood:

This is another construction site in the vaccine:

The filaments are what we have classically seen in human blood, other medications, rain water from geoengineering operations.


So far all the vaccines are filled with biotechnological poison. Childhood vaccines are loaded with nanotechnology and synthetic biology. The criminal Big Pharma manufacturers, government agencies, medical societies and doctors who administer this poison, need to be investigated and held accountable. I do not give any type of “vaccine” weapons to kill or harm anyone. If this was a sane world, I would not be on the investigation list, but the people who really are committing crimes via the “healthcare” system would be tried like the Nazi criminals in Germany.

That day is coming.

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