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DISGUSTING! Mark Zuckerberg STEALS Maui from Native Hawaiians: LAND GRAB!

DISGUSTING! Mark Zuckerberg STEALS Maui from Native Hawaiians: LAND GRAB!

In today's video we are taking a very close look at Mark Zuckerberg's questionable behavior in Hawaii that makes locals there want him to leave the islands for good.

President Joe Biden announced a whopping $700 for Maui fire victims. The US has sent Billions of dollars to Ukrainians but only $700 to Hawaiians. What kind of message is that sending to the World?

Hawaii’s Democrat Governor Josh Green sent a message clearly indicating a land grab by saying that he is already actively thinking about ways for the state to acquire the land that was annihilated by the blaze.

Just a reminder: On January 3rd, 2023, Maui announced plans to become one of the first American "Smart Cities or 15-minute Cities.

In order for a 15-minute city or Smart city to be implemented, the unelected globalists must first control the land with no private ownership

Hawaiians in Lahiana are already getting offers for their "now available" land from developers.There are many many coincidences surrounding the Maui fires but lets take a look at this one.

Speaking of vultures, Hawaiian natives view Mark Zuckerberg as just that. Zuck owns 1500 acres of land in Hawaii. And he wants more. In the past, Zuckerberg sued native Hawaiians for their own land. Zuck stole over a thousand acres of land from the locals. There is history of Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates attempting to purchase all the islands. In fact, in Kauai, Mark Zuckerberg owns more land there then the government of Kauai itself .

An article from the Hill explained “In 2017, hundreds of local Hawaiians who owned interest on small pieces of land within his estate were subject to lawsuits by Zuckerberg’s lawyers. “This is the face of neocolonialism,” Kapua Sproat, a law professor at the University of Hawaii told the Guardian in 2017. “Even though a forced sale may not physically displace people, it’s the last nail in the coffin of separating us from the land.”

Mega wealthy people like Mark Zuckerberg has purchased so much land in Hawaii that Native Hawaiians cannot own land on their Native Island.

Cernovich tweeted “Hawaii went two to one for Joe Biden. All their native land is being stolen from them by Democrats. My heart weeps for Maui, but this is what they voted for. Their land will be taken from them now. Mark Zuckerberg is salivating.”

Cernovich also replied to a video of former President Barak Obama saying “Your Blackrock friends are going to carve up that native land to hand out to Mark Zuckerberg and other colonists and oligarchs. Like yourself. You probably already have your new place mapped out.”

So Who owns the most land in Hawaii and stands to benefit the most by this disaster? Larry Ellison. Oprah Winfrey. Mark Zuckerberg. Jeff Bezo. All of Hawaii will soon belong to the billionaires.

Now we also know that there is a 12 mile media ban in Maui. No journalists allowed - this again infringes on 1st amendment rights. Matt Wallace asked ”Why is the Maui Fires Media Ban Still in Place? What Else Are They Hiding!”

We can have reporters in literal war zones like Ukraine but not in disaster areas like Lahaina. Totally normal and not sketchy at all right?

Let’s deep dive into more of what’s happened. Daniel Zeck asked “To my people on Maui— is all of this true? “Fire hydrants were dry.

Fire Marshalls were out of town that night.

The Mayor and the Governor were out of town.

People who were trying to evacuate were told it was not time to evacuate and to turn around back into the fire.

No cops on bullhorns. No firefighters in the streets.

Most robust emergency siren system in the world did not sound.

No warnings whatsoever.

Anomalies with reported wind directions that don't scientifically add up.

Tourists evacuated by bus, locals locked in and told they can't get back in if they leave.

School was canceled. Children were home while parents worked.

Hundreds of children burned alive. Can't be identified.

A perfect circle of fire around Lähainä.

Molten metal next to intact trees.

Media reporting FRACTIONS of real numbers.

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