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Doctor Exposes the ‘Biggest Hoax’ in Medicine Outside of COVID

The COVID hoax has made many of us look closer at the whole healthcare system and the entire concept of the biomedical model of health. What we have been overwhelmingly finding, to put it in a nutshell, is that we have been putting our faith in a system that has shown that it puts wealth over health.

We are merely customers, not patients, and the best customers are those who have a subscription to their products. It is therefore refreshing and much appreciated when we see doctors who have taken their oaths seriously and are dissenting voices against the corrupt system, Dr. Paul Marik, who is the second most published critical care physician in the world, is one such doctor and says “The medical system will kill you.” and has exposed the ‘Biggest Hoax’ in medicine outside of COVID.

Vigilant News published the following article below, highlighting the views and advice of Dr Marik.


“The medical system will kill you.”

🧵 THREAD: “Our health care system is a hoax,” declared Dr. Paul Marik, who is the second-most-published critical care physician in the world.“

And so, my advice to you: don’t get sick, don’t go to the hospital, because they’re going to kill you.”

“The medical system will kill…—

The Vigilant Fox 🦊 (@VigilantFox) December 15, 2023

“It’s impossible to talk about COVID without looking at our health care system. And our health care system is a hoax,” declared Dr. Paul Marik, who is the second-most-published critical care physician in the world, to a packed audience at the Florida COVID summit.

Dr. Paul Marik. Image: X.

“And so, my advice to you: don’t get sick, don’t go to the hospital, because they’re going to kill you.” Instead of seeking help from the hospital, Dr. Marik recommended eating right, sleeping right, getting enough sunshine, lowering stress, and taking care of your lifestyle because, again, “The medical system will kill you.”

Life Expectancy

Dr. Marik shared a graph comparing life expectancies between different countries and health care expenditure per capita. America ranked dead last on life expectancy despite spending far more on health care than any other nation.

“We have a big problem,” said Dr. Marik. “And what you may not know is the life expectancy of Americans has gone down in the last three years — by three years. And how did that happen?

Well, according to the White House, it’s global warming. The only explanation they have.”

Addicted to Big Pharma

“The other thing, which is terrifying,” Dr. Marik continued, “the US makes up 5% of the world’s population, yet we consume 55% of the prescription medications. This tells you how sick Americans are — that 55% of the world’s consumption of medication is in this country. We are sick people.”

The Biggest Hoax

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Dr. Marik revealed that Atorvastatin, a cholesterol medication, was the most-commonly-prescribed drug in the United States.

Despite the common notion that cholesterol medication reduces heart disease, Marik called it the “great cholesterol myth.”Why is cholesterol medication a myth? Marik said:“Lowering your cholesterol won’t prevent heart disease. It’s called a myth. It’s a hoax.” “What do statins do?” he asked. “They increase your risk of diabetes. They increase your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia — yet they are the most commonly-prescribed drugs in this country.”Marik presented a graph from a study by TakataY et al. that showed that elderly patients with the highest cholesterol levels actually had the best survival rates.

Next, Marik showcased a staggering study from The British Medical Journal, often referred to as one of the most reputable journals in the world. The British Medical Journal concluded there is a “Lack of an association or an inverse association between low-density-lipoprotein cholesterol and mortality in the elderly,” meaning that cholesterol medication had either no impact or a negative impact on mortality rates among elderly patients.

Marik ended by saying, “This [cholesterol medication] is one of the biggest hoaxes in medicine. But, you know, you can say the same thing [about diabetes]. The use of diabetes medicine is a hoax. Alzheimer’s medicine is a hoax.”

The Big Takeaway

Dr. Marik was ostracized for his dissenting views about the COVID-19 injections and ivermectin. In August 2023, he was informed by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) that his board certification was to be revoked for “spreading false or inaccurate medical information.”

Dr. Paul Marik testifies before Sen. Ron Johnson’s “Second Opinion” roundtable.

However, it seems that doctors who received the most backlash for their viewpoints on COVID also ended up being the most right. What we can learn from Marik is that you can not outsource your health to the medical system because there’s a good chance “it’s going to kill you.” Instead, consider Marik’s suggestions by sleeping right, getting enough sunshine, lowering stress, and adopting a healthier lifestyle.



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